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Reading, Reviews, Reviewers

I want to stick to the reading theme for a couple more blog posts. I am still reading, just not as much as I was, or at least I thought I haven’t been reading as much. 🙂 Currently I am reading two books. The first is; “You, Inc.” by Burke Hedges, which is a self-help …

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What’s new with me? I Yahoo’d myself!

There’s a couple of things I want to talk about today and I’d love to hear your views! I’ve Googled myself before…Come on, admit it. You’ve Googled yourself too! LOL! But I don’t think I’ve ever Yahoo’d. What did I find out? Well, for one, I am all over the place. But there was one …

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Rating and Reviewing, Reviews

I received my first 2 star review. Yay 🙂 Yes, I know I’m weird. Believe me I’ve been told that many times for many different reasons. In fact in a round about way, Friday morning, John Cox aka Paul Dorset, told me that I really must like the dentist more than him, because I was …

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Yay! It’s Friday!

And I’ve got News! Well, I was hoping to say the first book in the “Chris’ Journey Turning Different Corners”  series was out, but.. But I still have news! First; I just received an email from Damon Ferrell Marbut that “Awake In The Mad World” is now available at Apple, Nook, and Kindle! And the print …

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