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When Are You a Published Writer?

At my last writer’s group meeting we got onto the subject of, “When are you considered a published writer/author?” Do you have to be paid for your work to be considered published? What if you wrote a letter to the editor of your local newspaper? Are you considered published then? Or if you have a …

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Review of “Under The Dome” by Stephen King

I finished reading “Under The Dome” by Stephen King yesterday, and though I don’t normally do reviews on his novels, I’ll give you a quick one. I mean, come on, if you are a die hard Stephen King fan like I am, it doesn’t matter what kind of reviews he gets, you are going to …

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Chris’ Journey Turning Different Corners Her Journey Begins

I’ve edited and revised. Rewritten and reworded. Deleted and added more. I’ve nurtured her for 81/2 months. Loved her and hated her. Is she ready to go out into the world alone. Will the world accept her and love her as I have? Or will she be tossed aside out into the cold? Have I …

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Wednesday Wonders and G.D. Ogan

When I put out a call for interviews I was excited G.D. Ogan answered my call. You see G.D.  or Guy, as I call him,and I go back a few years. We are both members of the online “Outlaws Car Club” And I was surprised and excited when a mutual friend forwarded an email to …

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