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Time to Rethink (Part 2)

First, I want to share the new photos. It’s been a week. So what do you think? Do they look any better? Today, I want to talk about diet and the foods we eat. For the most part, I am a vegetarian. I do vege burgers, vege sausage, vege bacon, and vegetarian hot dogs. I could never …

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Time to Rethink Part 1

      I have always had skin problems. When I was little, I would break out with hives when I was nervous. I would break out if my mom used a certain type of laundry detergent. I always had a rash of some sort and I don’t think my mom really knew what caused my various …

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Look what I got!

I had asked for a graphic tablet for Christmas, but didn’t get it until my birthday. Anyway, I got the Wacom Intuos.   Anyway, I am fascinated by the puddles in my back yard and I wanted it so that I could create the pictures that I see in the puddles. Can you see the witch …

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Out With The Old

Here in California we have 2 hours and 37 minutes until the new year! The last day of December is always spent the same at my house-Taking down Christmas decorations and the tree. Thought I’d share some of the holiday pics with all of you. OUT WITH THE OLD There were homemade goodies, decorations, and …

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Hugs and Thank You’s

I got on the computer this morning and was surprised to see Zen honored me with a few blog awards! The Versatile Blogger Award, The Inspiring Blog Award, The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award and The Kreativ Blogger Award! Not everyone likes to receive blog awards, but frankly I think it’s exciting! It’s like standing on that …

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