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Ryann and Ryann’s Brother, A Review

I don’t want to bog down all of you with too many posts today, but I told fellow author, Paul Dorset, I would do a review this weekend for his new book, Ryann’s Brother, that just came out! I was fortunate and honored to be one of Paul’s beta readers, for both “Ryann” and “Ryann’s …

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I talked about this on my other blog and thought I’d bring it up here also. We write late at night and early in the morning. We put out a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. We put our hearts and souls into our books. We edit, rewrite, revise, and edit again. We ask for …

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End of 2012 Book Tag

Thought this would be fun. Even though Christmas is almost here, there’s still time to grab some books to give as gifts! So here’s the plan; I am going to list five books I have read this year and tag the authors and then they need to list five books that they have read and …

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Rating and Reviewing, Reviews

I received my first 2 star review. Yay 🙂 Yes, I know I’m weird. Believe me I’ve been told that many times for many different reasons. In fact in a round about way, Friday morning, John Cox aka Paul Dorset, told me that I really must like the dentist more than him, because I was …

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Judging a Book by Its Cover. Not Me! Part 1

In life we are told not to judge a book by it’s cover, meaning that when we look at someone, we shouldn’t judge them by how tall, short, fat, skinny, or the color of their skin, but by what’s in their heart or how they make us feel. Actually we shouldn’t judge anyone. We are …

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What Do Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll Have to Do with being An Indie Author?

Wow I’m excited to have Paul Dorset as my guest today. Hi Paul and welcome to Karen’s Different Corners. This is a very interesting way to look at indie authors and the world of writing. So I’m going to turn the blog over to you. Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll It seems to me …

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Hey, Hey! It’s Sunday!

Well it’s that time. Yep time for some weekly updates and this past week doesn’t look good. I have been on the rollercoaster ride of my life with ups and downs all week. Wait…There were ups? You know the story about Midas and how everything he touched turned to gold? Well mine is the opposite. …

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Blogging Break

Good Morning and Happy Saturday everyone! Wow, it’s been a busy week and I need a vacation! Well not really, but I am planning on a blogging break for a few days. So today’s blog will be a wrap up of all the things I have been doing this past week. I have been reading! …

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Books I Recommend

Good Morning and Happy Memorial Day weekend. First  a thank you to all of our soldiers out there fighting for our freedom. May God Bless you and keep you safe. Second,I am not very good at giving reviews. People will ask me, “So, what was the book about?” UHHH?? Yeah I know I am horrible …

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