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Update to Reading!

I have been in a funk lately. Can’t seem to write. Can’t seem to get any blog posts done. Haven’t been keeping up with Twitter. And I barely post on Facebook.  And I can hear people saying, “Oh, you sound like you’re depressed.” But I’m not. (I think it’s an aversion to the computer, or …

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Hey, James Smith! What’s New With You?

James is quick and to the point! Good morning, James. Well, it is probably afternoon where you are, but good morning from me. Hi Karen, My 1 photo is attached, my 1 link is http://www.amazon.com/Shoe-Box-Collection-Short-Stories-ebook/dp/B00M13RTDU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1408477143&sr=8-1&keywords=the+shoe+box+james+smith My 300 odd words are: The Shoe Box is the first collection of short stories from UK based author James …

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Back Peddling!

Have you ever said the wrong thing? Wrote the wrong thing? Or typed the wrong thing and then hit post, send, or publish? Well, I am a back peddling pro! People say, “There goes that back peddling idiot. Always got her foot in her mouth.” Yep, that’s me! Hey, I might get a little red in …

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Welcome James Smith

Please welcome, James Smith, the co-creator of The Short Story Group.Hi James and welcome to Karen’s Different Corners. Tell us how you got involved with the short story group? I was there at the start. I had read Vanessa Westers book and had sent her one of my short stories to look at, the idea …

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Love is in the Air! And it’s going to be Free!

Love is in the Air  There are thirteen stories by thirteen different authors. James Smith Vanessa Wester Angela Kelman Steve Venables Mackenzie Brown Sam Croft Michael J. Holley Michelle Willis Sandra Giles Katherine Hetzel Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar David Corbett And me And it’s FREE! July 21st thru July 23rd. Get Yours Here in the US Here …

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