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“I”ndie Authors

When I started writing in 2011, I had never read any books by Indie authors. In fact the only books I used to read were by Stephen King. (I’m a huge fan, but more on him when we get to “K”)  But since then I have read and enjoyed many new indie books in different …

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“For Elise” A Review!

I haven’t posted any reviews lately, but then again, I haven’t been doing a lot of reading lately either! But I just finished reading, “For Elise” written by Catharina Shields. I had purchased the e-book when I featured Cat on my blog and then she sent me a signed copy thanking me for featuring her. …

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Leukemia: Detour Ahead!

 You’re headed down that big highway of life and things couldn’t be better. Marriage, kids, a beautiful house, a job. Remember when that beautiful baby was born? The nurse held it up for you to see and showed you all those cute little fingers and toes? But somewhere down the line somebody decided that there …

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