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Welcome, Ella Medler to, Show Me Your Cover!

Hi Ella and welcome to Karen’s Different Corners. Please tell us a little about your cover design. The cover was designed by Paradox Book Cover Designs & Formatting – link: http://paradoxbooktrailerproductions.blogspot.com.au/ . It is based on scenes from the storyline and I am very happy with it. Patti Roberts, from Paradox, was very quick and professional, and easy to …

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Liebster Award!

I was nominated by  Vanessa Wester for the Liebster Blog Award 200, an award designed for upcoming bloggers that have less than 200 followers and I figured I better get it posted, because I am getting close to that 200 mark. I have 196 of the most awesome blog followers a person could ask for and I thank …

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Judging a Book by Its Cover. Not Me! Part 1

In life we are told not to judge a book by it’s cover, meaning that when we look at someone, we shouldn’t judge them by how tall, short, fat, skinny, or the color of their skin, but by what’s in their heart or how they make us feel. Actually we shouldn’t judge anyone. We are …

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