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Wow! It’s Wednesday’s Wonders with Angela Orlowski-Peart

Hi Angela! Love the picture. It says it was taken at a tulip festival. So where’s the tulips? 🙂 I find it so fascinating that when I interview an author or writer, I find we don’t follow each other on twitter or are we friends on facebook! So just to let you know Angela, I …

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Thank You!

I received the Versatile Blogger award the other day from Zen http://zenscribbles.wordpress.com/2012/05/07/the-versatile-blogger-award/#comment-53 And I have to say how honored I was that she chose my blog as one of her 15 blogs she follows. I in turn chose 15 blogs that I follow, which was hard for me to pick just 15 blogs, since I follow …

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