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Welcome, Ella Medler to, Show Me Your Cover!

Hi Ella and welcome to Karen’s Different Corners. Please tell us a little about your cover design. The cover was designed by Paradox Book Cover Designs & Formatting – link: http://paradoxbooktrailerproductions.blogspot.com.au/ . It is based on scenes from the storyline and I am very happy with it. Patti Roberts, from Paradox, was very quick and professional, and easy to …

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Judging a Book By Its Cover Summing it Up

Before I sum up my thoughts on “Judging a Book by its Cover” I have one last minute cover to share.  “Take A Stand” written by Nancy Bandusky. I came up with it because the hero has to decide to take a stand when Christianity is outlawed. My husband, Brent, designed the cover. I wanted …

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Judging A Book By its Cover Part 3 Five More Covers

Today I want to ask a question before we get to the 5 featured covers. “Do you think a cover can be illustrated and designed well enough to represent the story, so that you could leave the title off of the front cover? Not saying you’d want to, but could it be possible? Just something …

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