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Please Welcome, Rick Jones to Show Me Your Cover!

Hi Karen, I think I have everything below, so I hope this works. Hi Rick, Looks good to me!  I love all my covers, especially The Crypts of Eden, which was created by Stan Tremblay of FindtheAxis. Blurb: In Southeast Turkey where the heads of the four main rivers once met, a magnificent temple created 14,000 …

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Come One! Come All!

I have a lot of new and old (well not old, but they have been done before) posts coming up on my blog! And I want to invite everyone to stop by. First:  It’s the BOOK BLOG BLITZ!  Well not really, but that’;s what I’ve been calling it. 🙂 I am part of the group  Self-Published and …

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Judging A Book By Its Cover Part 3 cont. And 5 More Covers

Question: If your book is in print, is your back cover photo the same as the front or different? Or is it a panoramic photo, stretching from the front, across the spine, and around the back? Note: Today, Thursday (I always put together my blog posts the day before) at 5:30 p.m. pacific time, my blog …

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Judging A Book By its Cover Part 3 Five More Covers

Today I want to ask a question before we get to the 5 featured covers. “Do you think a cover can be illustrated and designed well enough to represent the story, so that you could leave the title off of the front cover? Not saying you’d want to, but could it be possible? Just something …

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Judging a Book By Its Cover Part 3 cont. It’s Your Turn!

I did a shout out for 20 other author/writers to share their book covers with us and to tell us how they decided on their covers. I still need about 7 more, so if you’d like a mini promo of your cover email me 🙂 Okay remember we are not judging the books by their …

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