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Last month I had problems with my computer. UGH! So I picked up flash drives and began the process of pulling off the impossible task of,  “The great save.” You know how it goes, “Oh no! Do I have enough room on this flash drive? No? Darn.” So you put these files here. Organize those …

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Wednesday Wonders Welcomes Chris Ward!

Please welcome, Chris Ward, author of  “The Tube Riders” Chris had posted on Goodreads the other day letting us know book two of The Tube Riders will be available in December. I know don’t about you, but I’m looking forward to catching up with all the characters and seeing where this next book will take …

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Welcome, Chris Ward to Show Me Your Cover

This is the second time, Chris has shared a cover on my blog. The first being, The Tube Riders, (Which was a thrilling read, by the way)  when I did the series of posts, Judging a book by its cover. So Chris tell us about your newest book, Head of Words.  This cover was designed …

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Reviewing The Tube Riders

Not yet…But I am halfway through. This is a long book. 613 pages. It starts out a little slow, but that’s just to set the scene. Once I was past that…Wow!  I have been on the most Amazing roller coaster ride of my life!  There are twists and turns and ups and downs, and loop da loops! …

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Guest Post by Chris Ward!

I’d like to welcome Chris Ward to Karen’s Different Corners. I met Chris on Goodreads when he was holding an event and I responded yes and invited him to be a guest blogger here on my blog. So Chris it’s all yours! “Living in Japan and Freedom of Creative Expression” August the 15th this year marked …

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Genres! What’s mine?

I have been writing. Boy, have I been writing! Shhh…Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve started a new series. I know, I’m supposed to be working on the second book to “Chris’ Journey” but have found myself, “Stuck in a Rut” on the second book. No, no. I know the story front to back. It’s all …

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