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Judging A Book By Its Cover Part 4 cont. Your Blurbs!

If you stopped by my blog yesterday, you know that I asked for blurbs from the backs of books or the descriptions posted on Amazon, but I also asked if the authors would change or add anything to their blurbs, some have, some haven’t. And if you would like to share your blurb email me …

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Judging A Book By Its Cover Part 3 Does your cover reflect you?

Personally, I think a cover should not only reflect what the book is about, but also give the reader a glimpse of the writer. No matter how different your cover is, it, like your writing style, it should be “you” Whether it’s your logo or author picture on the back, there should be something that …

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Sunday Update and a New Book Cover

Good morning and happy Sunday everyone! Hope your day is going great so far. Mine has just begun. It’s only 7:20 here and already 75 degrees. It has been HOT! I will be headed out to visit my dad this morning and then come home and get some writing done. Yesterday my son and I …

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Today, I was tagged in a blog hop called “The Next Best Thing” (TNBT) by an awesome twitter and blog  follower, Jen Wagner Now TNBT is different then the blog awards because TNBT is a writing challenge. Now here’s the rules. Answer the ten TNBT questions listed below about your current WIP. Tag five other writers …

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