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So, you’ve been put on quarantine.

Well, let’s hope not, but if you were… Watching the news and reading posts on Facebook about the coronavirus, it seems that toilet paper is the big item on everyone’s hoarder list, right after water and canned food, and it got me to thinking, is that really all we need?

When there is a crisis, whether it be a pandemic, an earthquake, flood, or even war, (Heaven forbid) the news tells you to have enough water, food, and medications to last you at least 2 weeks.

I racked my brain and even asked my sons, “What would you need on a daily basis if you were quarantined?” So we’ve come up with a list of things that you normally don’t think about or you take for granted on a daily basis.

  • Toothpaste
  • Bath soap
  • Clothes soap
  • Bleach
  • Band-aids
  • Peroxide
  • Dish soap (Or at least enough paper plates, paper cups, plastic silverware, etc. to last 2 weeks for everyone in your family. Just a thought; It’s cheaper to wash the dishes.)
  • Pain and fever reducer
  • Anti-bacterial ointment
  • Antihistamines
  • Vitamins
  • Dental floss (My youngest son said that he would go crazy if he couldn’t floss every day. But floss is good for other things too. Just google it.)
  • Pet food! Your fur babies need to eat too!

So ask your family and yourself what would you need on a daily basis if you were quarantined and share in the comments.

I pray everyone stays safe and healthy and till next time, HUGS from me to you.

I just finished reading Stevie’s blog post about her essentials if she were to be put on quarantine and you can read it here, https://steviet3.wordpress.com/2020/03/14/quarantine-essentials/comment-page-1/#comment-23068

And I am going to the grocery store tomorrow and will update on my findings. Stay tuned and till then, hugs for a great weekend.


  1. Enjoyed reading this…thanks for the food for thought. I’ll think of a list of essentials and will add a link to your post when I publish mine tomorrow.

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  2. I like your list. It’s similar to mine. We get hurricanes here so I always am well stocked for things like a quarantine. I just hope it doesn’t come to that.

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    • In the UK we’re still moving about normally and schools haven’t shut in England, although they have in Ireland I think. However I suppose it’s only a matter of time before they do…


  3. Hi Stevie. It’s good to have a list. If we were in a containment zone like New Rochelle, New York, would we even want to run out to the grocery store to pick up items?

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    • Only if we ran out. I don’t think the virus is in the air if people aren’t about. We’re told you can only catch it if you’re in close quarters to somebody who has it and is coughing.

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  4. It’s funny how the news reports bounce back and forth on how it is transmitted. According to an article in the NY Post, it says that the virus can last up to nine days on metal, glass, and plastic. And everyone is pushing hand sanitizers and wash your hands, and wipe down surfaces with sanitizer wipes. I think the number one thing we need to do on our essential list is, Don’t panic. 🙂

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  5. Books. You forgot to include books.


  6. Cecilia

    Good points, Karen. Especially the dog food! Being on a tight budget around here, I went to replenish our supplies once the SS came in – and I couldn’t get the TP (among other things) but the dog food isle was fully stocked! I thought: how selfish can people be? All these other food items decimated, but not the ones for your best friend??
    Well, this was W-mart. About a week later I went to ALDIS ready to grab whatever TP I could and found ample stock on hand – and no empty food shelves, either. Price difference: negligible.
    Another thought on the whole stockpiling tendency: do people in general really not have ANYthing on hand? I haven’t made any special purchases during this panic attack, and as I go over what’s around here I know I can feed the household for AT LEAST two weeks, probably longer. It may not be our usual luxury of picking what we WANT for dinner, but there’d definitely be food on the table. Grant you, we’re a small household, but still…
    Most annoying is the constant barrage by the media telling us how the sky is falling.
    Stay well my friend. HUGS!


  7. Hi Cecilia! It’s great to hear from you. I shop at Winco and the only thing I noticed last week was that the powdered milk was sold out and the only reason I noticed that was because the week before I thought, “Maybe I should pick up some just in case, and then I saw the price and said, Screw that.” Hahaha. As for dog food, since I started making my own I haven’t bought commercial dog food in years, but will ask Adam what type of dry food he buys and pick up a small bag to have on hand. Hugs to you! Stay safe and don’t hoard all the TP. 🙂


  8. Cat litter. Kitchen trash bags.

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    • Good suggestions. In fact before I went to the store on Sunday (Most of the shelves were empty) I had my son check and see how many trash bags we had.



  1. Quarantine Essentials | Stevie Turner

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