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Help! I’ve Got Fleas!

Not me actually, but my dogs do. And I’ve tried just about everything except… My son called me last night and I told him my dogs have fleas and he told me, “So get rid of them.”

“What, the dogs? Okay, I’ll send them down to you.”

And he laughed. He’s probably tired of me telling him every time he calls that I have fleas. A couple of months ago it was ticks but I got rid of those. The fleas are seeming to be a bit harder to eradicate. I don’t like to use chemicals on the dogs, in the house, or in the yard so I tried the natural ways. Flea shampoo and spray with lemongrass, cinnamon oil, and cedarwood oil. Didn’t work. I tried Dawn dish detergent. Works for a few hours and then they are back to itching, scratching, and chewing. 🙂

I’ve used white vinegar on the dogs as a rinse after their bath and apple cider vinegar in their drinking water. No go. Coconut oil, lavender. Nope. Diatomaceous earth in the yard, on the carpeting, under the couch cushions, and their beds. Nada. Even sprayed the yards with lemongrass.

I’m running out of natural options here.

Now you are going to tell me to go out and buy that chemical stuff. Works every time, you say. Nope. Tried that too. Spent $47 on Frontline Plus. Didn’t work. Spent $53 on K-9 Advantix. Still got fleas.

What irks me is that this is the first year in many, many years that I’ve had fleas.

Any ideas? I’m open to suggestions.



  1. cousin pamela

    looking for some answers cousin karen , let you know when i find some good ones. here are a couple of suggestions, keep grass low and well hydrated and or replace grass with white clover or nustard seed , eventually replacing grass completely do it over time , and use organic /heirloom seed . it should have a higher level of water retention , so as not to have to water as often once it is established and definitely not that expensive if you do it yourself,
    put in a rainwater catchment system under one of the gutters , helps to not have to use so much water and rain is Free and to eliminate electric bills , invest in a small solar panel system , check these items out and research the latest technology. they are lots of ways to save money for other things too. besides tv and internet , although that is a good start. i am very much into Free whenever possible to recycle and reuse and repurpose, seriously rain water is still Free, and so is sunshine , that is until the government figures out a way to tax you or charge for Free stuff from mother nature,LOL! remember i also encouraged you to grow your own vegetables which is very beneficial on so many levels. and if you remember when , you do not need a huge space to grow your own , people have forgotten about the Square Foot Garden that was so popular in the 70s,80s or grow vertically , that works beautifully.. when you grow your own , then learn to Seed Save ! only use heirloom and non gmo and organic , which you can only order from the good seed /rare seed catalogs , almost all other seeds have been bought my huge conglomerates! like Monsanto and etc. i believe i had some rare seeds catalogs sent to you . ? hey gotta go ! have a beautiful night
    love cousin john and pamela


  2. Try feeding them garlic every day! Or there are some flea vitamins that get rid of them on the dogs. Hershey hadn’t had any since I moved here!an I have folds full of squirrel s rabbits possums etc an haven seen any here!!!

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  3. You have to use the chemical flea medicine for three months in a row to eradicate the fleas. Also if you have carpets and upholstered furniture, vacuum every day. Wash your linens, dog beds, etc. often. Keeping grass cut or to a minimum as suggested is a good idea too. Been there!

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    • With the cold rainy weather, I think I’ve got them under control! 🙂 It’s funny that the drops take so long to get a handle on the fleas and yet it gets rid of ticks in a day or two.


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