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Children’s Books

Today I want to talk about children’s illustrated books. The frustrations. The excitement. The ups and downs. Children’s illustrated books have a format all their own. You have 24, 32, or 40 pages to create a book that catches the eye and the imagination. Even though they are shorter than your average size novel, you put a lot of work into them. Writing the story usually comes first, then the illustrations, and finally formatting. And it’s the formatting through CreateSpace that has been driving me crazy.

It started with, “Kiley Visits the House of Mirrors.”


A 32-page book (Which included the inside and outside of both covers in the page count) that they added 4 blank pages at the end making it a 36-page book. I didn’t understand the reasoning so I contacted them and this is their reply,

“I’m sorry for trouble caused regarding the page count of your title ‘Kiley Visits The House of Mirrors’.

Due to CreateSpace‘s unique print-on-demand model, your book may have blank pages placed at the end. Blank pages result as part of the printing process and cannot be eliminated by adding additional pages to your book’s print file. 

You may consider adding a final page at the end of your book with a statement similar to “The remaining pages have been left intentionally blank for coloring/notes.”

However, the member price or manufacturing price is same for page count of 28 and page count of 36.”

(When you add pages to take your book from 28 pages to 32, they add 4 blank pages to make 36.) Which both, “Kiley’s Best Friend” and Kiley’s Learn and Play Activities” Vol. 1 have the 4 blank pages at the end.

CreateSpace has a minimum 24-page rule for the interior. That means that your interior has to have at least 24 pages when you upload. Then when you add in front and back covers (which is considered 4  pages) you get 28 pages so then you know that you should add 4 more pages to the interior to get a 32-page book, right? So why do they keep adding 4 more blank pages?

Below are a couple of links to good articles about writing and formatting children’s picture books.



And the Amazon links for,

Kiley’s Best Friend

Kiley Wished for a Puppy

Kiley’s Learn and Play Activities vol. 1

I am so confused. I didn’t have this problem with, “Kiley Wished for a Puppy.” But it came up to 40 pages including the front and back covers. Any ideas? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Till then, HUGS!


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  1. pamela medley

    your Awesome! cousin Karen . have a beautiful Spring and Summer to you and the family
    love you, cousin pamela

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