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Writers, Editors, And Readers (Draft Post)

Draft Post from May 15th, 2015

Writers, editors, and readers. What do they have in common? Obviously, you’re going to say books, but what else?


Okay, well that’s all I had on this one and I’m not sure where I was going, but…

I believe that one other thing we have in common is, “We all see things differently.” 

Think about it. As a writer, we throw everything in but the kitchen sink and then there are times we throw that in too. We believe we need it all and then along comes the editor and throws everything out but the kitchen sink. And then the reader comes along and all they want is the dishwater! We all put importance on different aspects of a story. Some want dialogue, others want the description, and then there are the ones that want both.

And I am guessing that’s why I have that link up there. It’s a good article, so check it out.

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