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News and Journalists

Today I want to talk about journalists and the news media. Growing up I learned a valuable lesson about not believing everything you read or hear about in the news. As a child, my family lived next to a freeway overpass, and the off-ramp ran parallel with our yard. Many times cars would come speeding off the freeway lose control on the ramp and roll down the hill, landing in the culvert.

My mom had a favorite story that she would tell about one of those times.

A woman lost control of her car. It rolled down the hill and landed upright in the ditch below. Her windshield was blown out, her car banged up, and the tires flattened. (Thank God this was in the 60’s because cars were made a lot sturdier back then.) The car that had been behind her stopped, the gentleman jumped out and ran down the hill to see if she was okay. My mom had heard the crash, ran outside and saw the car. She ran back in and called the fire department. (There were no cell phones or 911 back then. ) The man who had stopped helped the woman out of the car, and she laid down in the ditch in front of her car. Why she took her shoes off, I haven’t a clue, but the man placed the woman’s shoes on the dash of her damaged car. The emergency vehicles arrived and a journalist from the newspaper.

We were a small town and boy if anything happened reporters were there. (Police scanners, maybe?) In the paper the next day the story read, (I can’t quote the story, word for word. This is just the basic gist of it. Besides it happened almost fifty years ago.)

Woman loses control of her car and rolls down the embankment landing in the culvert below. Being ejected through the windshield and landing in the ditch, her shoes were ripped from her feet and lay on the dashboard of the car.

Okay, well we know that isn’t how the story went, but evidently, journalists like to make it a little more exciting. And it sold papers, right?

I always thought that journalists were supposed to give the facts. Investigate, interview, dig a little deeper, and write the true story. But throughout history, it seems that stories are embellished and sensationalized to get readers attention. They don’t even bother to get both sides of a story, good or bad; they just run with it.

And in today’s world of the internet people are tried and hung out to dry based on just one journalist’s opinion. Frankly, I thought that a person was innocent until proven guilty.

Now you know why President Trump bans certain reporters and news agencies.
But this isn’t about him it’s about all of the people everywhere. People whose lives get turned upside down just so a reporter can get a story or a newspaper can earn a buck or two.

One last thought. My heart goes out to all the people whose lives have been impacted by the California wildfires. Their lives have not only been shattered by the fires, but also from the news agencies showing their houses burning to the ground.

That’s it for now. Hugs till next time.


  1. Valerie

    Insightful, thoughtful.

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  2. News is not news anymore, it’s opinions– sad


  3. I think we can’t make judgments, final judgments anyway, based on one or two anecdotes from our lives. My father was a journalist ad he worked very very hard to get all the information on the events he covered. He thought journalism was a kind of calling and wanted to tell people what actually happened so they could make decisions or understand what was going on. He didn’t want people to be forgotten, or for investigations about what happened to them to be abandoned. We need to remember the decent people who work in that profession and call to them, encourage them, and let them know we appreciate it when they serve us well.

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  4. I am happy that your Dad was a good journalist. Because I feel they are few and far between. Like Dannie commented above, most news is just opinions. It just saddens me that people put whatever out there just to get views and then call themselves journalists. Thank you for commenting and sharing about your Dad. It means a lot to me.

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