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Wasted Time

Dad passed away in November 2017 (Can’t believe on the 22nd it will already be a year.) and my step-sister moved Jinny to Oregon at the end of April this year. My oldest son said he didn’t want Jinny moving to Oregon and when I asked him why he told me he didn’t want me going through what I did after my mom passed away. Frankly, I never knew he noticed. You see after my mom died, I went through a deep dark depression. But I reassured my son that I had plenty of things to keep me busy. Things that had been set aside while I was busy taking care of dad and Jinny.

I started writing this post months ago. As for wasted time, well, there have been days. 🙂 But, other days have been good and productive. I am still working (procrastinating) on “Wisps of Words”. So close and yet so far away. Or so it feels.

I also wrote and illustrated a children’s picture book. Oh, the trials and tribulations of that! Right now I am waiting for the proof in the mail. Oh, the waiting is so hard! I only ordered it yesterday. Haha! Being the first time at attempting a children’s book, illustrations, formatting, worrying about getting it right, is stressful! But! I have high hopes and goals for Kiley. Kiley is my creative baby with many stories and adventures. And I’ve learned a lot and yet have so much more to learn.

But I still find myself wasting time. Staring at the walls. Even though my brain is still going full force. Taking a nap. Wandering around and procrastinating. Putting everything on hold and not accomplishing anything because I know I should be working on ‘this’ and not ‘that’ and yet my heartstrings are pulling me towards ‘that’ so I don’t work on anything! Do you have days like that?

Well, anyway. let me introduce you to Kiley and her story about how she wished for a puppy.

updated cover (2)

Hope everyone is having a productive day! Did you remember to turn your clocks back? Happy Sunday!

I will return! Hugs till then!

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  1. You’re going through the last part of a transformation, coming out of depression into a new mode of being. It’s a kind of birth process, but with all the memory of your life lived so far: so your body and mind needs to take it slow. You’ll be amazed later at how much you did, and how much more you can do going forward.


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