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Shameless Promotion

Yep, That’s what I said. 🙂 Just some shameless promotion for my weekly planner, “Do Something Nice”

Amazon has just gone crazy! The price keeps dropping! Get yours today for just $1.63. It’s a paperback weekly planner! Makes a great gift! 132 pages of inspiration to “Do Something Nice” Keep track of your daily plans. Jot down your hopes, dreams, and goals.

And it’s got one, yes one, 5 star review. 🙂

Top Customer Reviews

I’ve always loved journals and have kept one since I was a teen. This unique weekly planner encourages the reader to do something nice for someone. No one would object to this, and yet, we often don’t take the time to consider doing nice things for people. In our busy lives, we can easily forget about the small acts of kindness that mean so much to the person receiving it.

Author Karen Einsel has created a simple formula to allow us to acknowledge others. It’s a wonderful book to inspire us, to keep us connected to what is important — our humanity. Makes a wonderful gift item too.

I thank Eden Bailey for that wonderful review!
So gets yours here
It’s just $1.63  UNBELIEVABLE! I can’t see how I can make any money on it, but it’s a great deal for you!
Hey! What are you waiting for? This is probably the cheapest it will ever get! And don’t forget to leave a review. Hugs for a great weekend!

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  1. Great success to you, Karen.

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