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I complain sometimes. No, really, I do! This sweet, helpful, kind, caring, and compassionate person has a dark side. I usually keep everything inside and then one day…My head just explodes! Haha!

I have been working so hard on creating and designing my weekly journal, “Do Something Nice” And formatting. Oh God the formatting issues! Those are enough to make you bang your head on the desktop. Finally, I got it to my satisfaction, uploaded it, Createspace approved it, and I ordered my proofs.

Here it is… 🙂


Cool, huh? Holding your own book in paperback form, no matter if it’s your first or your one hundredth, is an awesome feeling.

So I’m going through it page by page and found a mistake (my own) on one of the pages and I also wanted to tweak the setup. So I fixed my issues and resubmitted it. But first; Here is my, “About the Author” page from the paperback copy; 004

Now Createspace accepted it and approved it, but when I was tweaking my copy to resubmit, I put a space between Amazon.com and my quote beneath it, and I received an email from Createspace that read in part;

“The interior file does not meet our submission requirements for the reason(s) listed below. Please make any necessary adjustments to your interior file and upload it again by logging in to createspace.com.” 

And they go on to say:

“The interior contains text referencing Amazon.com on PDF page(s) 116. If you would like to include an Amazon.com reference, please update this text to include two additional outlets where your title is available, otherwise it will need to be removed.”

UGH! So did they just miss it the first time around? A different reviewer, maybe?

So I changed it to read like this

    “If you would like to order copies of

“Do Something Nice”

for family and friends

you can find her on Amazon, Createspace, and karensdifferentcorners.wordpress.com” 

Yes, it should read; you can find Karen, 

 But I am not changing it again! Well, not unless Createspace doesn’t approve of it again.

Sometimes the hardest part of putting out a book is the formatting and then the waiting. You get it to the point where you think it is near perfect and then you have to wait 24 hours for Createspace to approve it and if they don’t, you have to go through the whole process again, and again, and again…Haha!

Anyway, I’m once again waiting. Only 22 hours to go…Hopefully….

See you soon! Hugs till then.


  1. If it isn’t one it’s another. Editing is the bane of writing. I had a problem with one of my covers– with Creatspace. Every thing looked great until I received some copies of the book. I couldn’t make myself understood to the person at Ctreatspace– very embarrassing for a writer– until I sent them a photo of the book cover I received. The cover was quickly corrected and all my orders were resent. I’ve always had good luck with Createspace. Glad you got your issue straightened out!

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    • I did notice, when I received the proof copies, that the cover was over-saturated with color but I’m okay with that. Did you see my FB post about my computer problems? Now that is something that is really stressing me out. I’m hoping I’ve got it fixed, but I haven’t double clicked on anything yet. 🙂

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      • My only advice and I know you know this already, is to back up, backup, backup

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      • Yep! Got copies of my work all over my desktop! LOL!


  2. BTW I love the cover of your book, Karen

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    • Thank you, Dannie. The purple iris has always been my favorite flower and my sister, Val had done a watercolor painting of them for me and it was like, That will make a great cover!


  3. I understand your frustration, Karen. I made changes (my own grammatical mistakes) to the one book I have that’s available with Createspace, and OMG, the messages I received. It was a 3-day nightmare. I finally got it figured out and it was a-okay. I thought about making changes to the book’s cover, but decided, hell no!

    I’m looking forward to your book being released. I really want one. 🙂

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    • Email me your address, Casey, and I’ll send you one. I’ve already decided to send out ten to various readers so I can get some feedback. Would love to hear what you think! kkrafts58@gmail.com or message it to me on facebook.


  4. I’m curious-did you take Kristen Joy’s class? I took it and want to do a journal but don’t think I can manage the computer skills needed. Your journal looks great and the cover will set it apart from others. Nice job!

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    • Thank you, Sherry. No I didn’t take Kristen’s class. I think the hardest part is the final formatting.


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