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A Weekly Journal

I have been creating, designing, and formatting a weekly journal that will be available on Amazon and Createspace.

It is a 52 week paperback journal that you can keep to inspire you to “Do Something Nice” And also has weekly inspirations.

My question is: Should I just put it out as a paperback book or also publish as an ebook, and if I do publish it as an ebook, is there a way to make it interactive?

Here’s the cover,


The beautiful purple iris’ are a watercolor painting my sister Val did for me.

The interior will have pages similar to this where you can keep track of your week.


It will retail for $7.95 for the paperback.

So, is there a way to publish it on kindle so that the person who buys it can write in it?



  1. That’s a lovely cover, Karen.

    I wish I could help with you’re book question. You may have to go onto Amazon and CK in one of the author forums.

    Let me know when this comes out in print. I’d love one!

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    • Thank you, Casey! I’ve been googling it and have found a few topics about it, but not quite the answers I need. I’ll get the proof copy in the mail next week and if it turns out the way I’m hoping it will, then I’ll publish it. 🙂

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  2. Great idea. Have no idea about the ebook. Never heard of an ebook you can interact with, but I still live in a cave

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