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Good Morning!

Good morning and Happy Saturday to you. We had an earthquake this morning. It would have been the best wake-up call, if I had been asleep. Better than a ringing phone or a buzzing alarm clock. Earthquakes don’t scare me but scared the crap out of my dogs though. Felt like something slammed into the underside of the house, followed by things rattling on shelves.

I thought someone had let the Kraken loose underneath my house. 🙂

And every time there’s a disturbance in the force I think of this song,

No damage here, but it makes you think that you should really get prepared for the BIG one. I actually went to the store 2 days ago, so we’d survive at least a week. LOL!

Oh, and if you want to know how strong it was, it was a 4.3

Shake, rattle, and roll! Have a great weekend everyone!

Talk to you soon. Hugs till then!





  1. Happy Saturday

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