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Catching Up!

I haven’t been keeping up with my blog and I apologize. Been so busy just chasing my tail. LOL!

Actually, I am in the middle of spring cleaning and minor repairs, but I have also been doing some reading, watching new TV shows and catching a few movies.

I’ve also been doing some knitting, crocheting, sewing, and playing around with the new gadget I got for my birthday.  I’ve been missing the creative side of my gift shop (that I closed down in 2011) and have been considering getting back into designing custom gift baskets and party sets to sell on Etsy.

As for writing….Hmm…I’ve got a dozen or more projects started, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, I decided I should do some reviews and today I will start with a new TV show called,

   “Last man on earth.”

Did you watch it? What did you think?

   Last man on earth is a comedy about, you guessed it, the last man on earth. It takes place in 2020 and there’s a virus that wipes out all of civilization.  PHIL MILLER played by Will Forte drives around the U.S. in a giant R.V. looking for any signs of life before settling in a mansion in AZ, which he fills with expensive art and whatever he pleases. Last man on earth had its funny parts, but not a lot of substance. In fact the entire hour long premiere could have been made into a movie and done with.

   Working on a post-apocalyptic novel myself for the past two years, I found, Last man on earth, left me with a lot of questions and not many answers.

   First, the story felt rushed. The character’s were a bit flat and predictable. Characters, you ask? Yes. Phil stumbles upon a crazy woman named Carol, played by Kristen Schaal. I would have liked Phil’s ordeal dealt with in more detail before they introduced Carol, but then I didn’t write the script.

  Second, there were a couple of things that just didn’t make sense to me. How did Phil drive all around the U.S. in a giant RV, which doesn’t get good gas mileage, without stopping for gas? I know you’re saying, “How do you know he didn’t stop for gas?” Hold that thought.

   Why were there no dead bodies? If this was caused by a virus, wouldn’t there be bodies lying around?

   Why was there no water or electricity? Did someone shut everything off before they died and disappeared?

   Back to the gas question, you can’t pump gas without electricity. 🙂 The pumps won’t work.

   The Walking Dead is more plausible, even with Zombies.

   I can’t say yay or nay at this point. I’ll watch one more episode and see how it goes.

Now some questions for you.

If you found yourself the last man, or woman, on earth, what would you do?

Would you find the fanciest house to live in?

Would you become a daredevil trying things you wouldn’t have tried before?

Or would you be more careful knowing that there weren’t others to help you if you got sick or injured?

Would you lock all the doors even though you are supposedly the last person?

I’ll be sharing another review in a day or two about a gift I received for my birthday.

Till then… HUGS!


  1. Welcome back, Karen!

    As much as I love solitude, I think I’d go crazy if I were the last woman on earth. I think I’d find a lovely cottage by a lake or the sea. Hopefully, I’d have a dog to keep me company. 🙂

    All the best with your creative endeavours.

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  2. Glad you’re back, Karen! I enjoy solitude because I choose it, not because it’s forced on me. I’d be like Will Smith in Legend– talking to in animate objects and such. But of course I do that now, lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well hello Mr. Hill. 🙂 I’m a bit of a hermit myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love people, but I tend to hole up in my cave and hibernate every once in a while. Talk to myself, well…hmm…sometimes, but then I have my dogs, so I just say I was talking to them. LOL!

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      • I could give you lessons on the hermit life, but there are people who pull me into the light. You’re one of them. BTW, talking to myself isn’t as embarrassing as it use to be–what with all the people using bluetooth to talk on their phones while they walk around. I feel like one of the crowd, lol

        Liked by 1 person

      • Awww…Thank you, Dannie. I am proud to be one of the few. As to the bluetooth, I know what you mean. 🙂


  3. Last person on Earth. No internet, No computers. After I stopped crying, I’d probably set up in a library near a grocery store and hardware store. 🙂

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Anna! Library, huh? Reminds me of that Twilight Zone episode where the guy is the last person on earth and he’s ecstatic about all the books he’s going to read and he drops his glasses and steps on them. Poor guy is blind as a bat.

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