Treat everyday as a new adventure

Happy 2015!

Well, the holidays are pretty much over. Phew! They make me happy and sad. The end of the year always brings me down. First it hits you. You’re getting older! Another year has come and gone. What did I accomplish? What did I miss? What should I have done? So many questions, without many answers.

So now on to a new year. New adventures. New quests. New goals.

I don’t make new year resolutions. To me they are like broken promises and rules that are made to be broken. I’d rather wing it! 🙂

I have set some goals for my writing, though. I have so many things in the works and last year I just couldn’t seem to get it in gear and move forward.

So a toast to the new year and to moving forward!

Happy New Year, everyone! May it grace you with love, kindness, compassion, and prosperity!


  1. Onward and upward, Karen! I’ve always liked the phrase, “What’s behind me is not important.” Have a great year!

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    • That’s a great phrase, Dannie! I’ll have to remember it. And hugs for a simply wonderful new year to you, too!


  2. Happy New Year.

    The closest I get to resolutions are: eat better and exercise more. (And it’s the same every year.) 🙂

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette

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