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Eden Baylee, What’s New With You?

  I always enjoy having Eden stop by and share what’s new with her, and today’s no different.

Please welcome the lovely and talented, Miss Eden Baylee!

Hi Eden. What’s new with you?

Hi Karen,

Many thanks for doing this, xox and hope you are well.

   “The Lottery” is FREE on Amazon. This novella is the last story in my anthology “Spring into Summer” and takes place in Thailand. You’ll have a chance to stay warm a bit longer before the end of summer!
If you’ve always thought erotica was nothing more than sex, and/or you’ve never read my erotic writing, then this is a great place to start.
Please grab it, and tell your friends. I want to give away as many copies as I can!
If you like it, a review is always appreciated. 😉


A most unusual lottery occurs in the Land of Smiles.

Westerner, Sierra Zhao, travels abroad and finds herself immersed in a culture with values very different to her own. Set in an exotic red-light district of Thailand, THE LOTTERY explores themes of sacrifice, friendship, and eroticism.

FREE Sept 17, 18, and 19

Purchase it on AMAZON worldwide

And you can find out more and get all the Amazon buy links here http://authl.it/B00KZAP0PK


  1. Karen, thanks so much for featuring me on your “What’s New with You?” segment, so lovely of you really appreciate it oxox

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  2. Two of my favorite people and always helping others. You both make me smile– a lot!

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  3. thanks Dannie! xox



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