Treat everyday as a new adventure


Well, “Z” is the last letter for the AtoZ Challenge. I asked Jarrod for a word for “Z” and he gave me a few and then he said Zodiac and I said, “That’s perfect for me! Since I’m such a horoscope junkie.”

First off, I am an Aquarius in astrology. A “1” in numerology. And since I was born on the cusp, I am a rooster and a dog in the Chinese horoscope.

My mornings begin with: catching up with the news online, checking emails, my blog, and then on to seeing what my forecasts for the day are. Don’t worry, I read them for fun, but also have found some great insight into my personality in them.

If you want to know what I am like as a person you can check out the Aquarius personality. Most people that know me say that’s me to a “T”. 🙂

What’s your sign and do you think it fits you?

When the AtoZ challenge was set to begin, I noticed that many of the bloggers had a theme. I didn’t and figured I would just wing it and write about whatever, but as I got nearer to the end, I saw that my theme, had emerged on its own, and grew with each passing letter.

So what was my theme you ask? Well, it was getting to know me, of course.

Well, that wraps up my AtoZ Challenge.


I want to welcome and thank all of my blog followers for being supportive. I’ve caught up with old friends and have made some new friends along the way. I wish you all well.

I had fun and I hope you did too.

I’m a survivor!

 survivor-atoz [2014]



  1. Lainey

    Lovely post for the end of the challenge! I’ve enjoyed your posts a lot – so far 😉 I’m a Capricorn – pretty typical for one in lots of ways, a plodder for sure, lol! 🙂


  2. Hi there,
    I’m an aquarian too you know 🙂
    Are you participating this year as well? I’m a first timer, and have no clue what theme to pick or how to go about it. Any suggestion?


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