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“X” is for Xavier

I had a great weekend. My son and his roommate came up from San Diego to visit on Saturday. We went out to lunch and then I got to visit with my granddogs for a little while. 🙂 Sandi is the pit bull and Sketch has the curly tail. Duggy, the feisty one, is mine and Mitzy the miniature black bear is mine. This video was shot over a year ago and is a combination of different videos.


And I wrote my short story for the contest at Writer’s Weekly and got it emailed out before I went down to visit my Dad on Sunday. So all in all it was a good weekend. And since I am in the mood to do a little bit of writing, how about some flash fiction for “X”?


   Xavier sat at a back corner table by himself and stared at the glass of champagne in front of him. Fingering the stem and then tapping on the side of the glass, he watched the bubbles rise to the top before pushing the glass away. He turned his gaze to the beautiful couple on the dance floor and felt a pang of jealousy. The man spun the woman, dressed in a flowing white gown, around. They were so graceful together, and apart she looked like an angel as she twirled. Feeling a hand on his shoulder, Xavier looked up. “Do I know you?” He asked.

The man pulled out a chair and sat down next to Xavier. “I was just going to ask you the same thing. You’re not a wedding crasher, are you?”

“No. Just an old family friend..”

The man smiled and held out his hand. “Steve Mason”

Taking it, Xavier replied, “Xavier” before letting his eyes drift back to the dancing couple.

Steve followed Xavier’s gaze. “They dance beautifully together, don’t they?”

Xavier nodded. “Yes, they do.”

“You should get in line and dance with her. I’m sure Jill would love to see you.”

Nah, I‘m a two-left feet kind of guy. I’d end up stepping on her toes.”

“Well, I think the next dance is mine. It was nice meeting you.” Nodding at Xavier’s glass of champagne he tells him, “Drink up, this is a night of celebration.”

Xavier glances at his glass and shakes his head. “No, that stuff can kill you.” He watches as Steve walks over to the couple and  tap the groom on the shoulder. Jill smiles up at him as he pulls her into his arms.

“Well hello beautiful.”

“Well hello, Steve. Are you enjoying the wedding?”

“I am. In fact, I was just talking to an old family friend of yours.”

“Oh, you were, and just who might that be?”

“He said his name was Xavier.” Feeling Jill stiffen in his arms, Steve pulls back and looking down at her he can see all the color draining from her face. “Jill, what’s wrong?”

“What did he look like?”

“Black wavy hair and olive skin. I don’t know, kind of good-looking you might say. And he had a European accent of some sort.”

“Steve, why are you doing this to me? Do you think you’re being funny? That is just cruel. Xavier wouldn’t be here.”

Yes he is. I was just talking to him right over there.” Steve points in the direction of the now empty table. “Well he was right over there. He must have left.”

Jill pushes him away from her. “Stop it. Just stop it. Why do you want to ruin my wedding?”

“I’m not trying to ruin your wedding. Who is Xavier?’

With her eyes filled with tears Jill looks up at him. “He was my fiance and he was killed in a head on collision by a drunk driver the night before our wedding. It was five years ago today.”

 The end

 We are nearing the end. Don’t forget to check out the A to Z challenge Blog!


  1. Rebecca Douglass

    Nice! I wrote a story about a Xavier for X last year–I guess there aren’t too many options on that one!


    • Hi Rebecca. You are right! I kept thinking xylophone, but didn’t know what to write about it.


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