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Wrapping it up with Words

Well, not really wrapping it up when we still have X, Y, Z to go. More like summing it up so far. First, let me say I am very sorry I missed “V” yesterday. The only word I could think of was vain and that led to “You’re so vain” by Carol King, which led to Taylor, which led to, “What is his first name?” John, George, Steve? Jim, Jimmy, James! I am so bad with names.

Every night at dinner my youngest son asks, “Song of the day?”  and then asks, “By who?” Jarrod believes we should all have a song stuck in our head. The last couple of weeks every time he asks I can only come up with one song, “Here I go again” by Whitesnake which is my theme song to life in general.

Even though we always seem to have someone near us, don’t we all go through life “on our own”?

But I was ready at lunch time with my song of the day, “You’re so vain” So we went through the word association. It’s like having a shrink say, “I’ll give you a word and you say the first word that pops into your head.”

Okay, vain, Carol King, James Taylor, Footloose, Loggins, Messina. Wait a minute, where is this going? Which leads us to the computer to search for songs sung by James Taylor, or Kenny Loggins, or what movies were their songs in and on and on and on…

It feels like a “Bing Search Overload” commercial, but it is fun, even though I still can’t remember names.

Words are part of our everyday lives. We learn new ones and sometimes forget old ones, but we always need words.

In fact, I need 900 words today for the 24 hour short story contest that I am entered in over at Writer’s Weekly  It’s too late to enter today’s writing contest, but they hold it quarterly. so go check it out. And they have some great tips on writing, editing, and publishing too.

So What’s your song of the day and where will it lead you?





  1. Now you’ve got me humming that song


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