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Covers and Clouds!

Since today we are working on the letter “C” I thought I’d share two of my covers with you.

Over the past couple of years I have done a series of blog posts featuring other author’s book covers and even though I myself do not judge a book by its cover, others do. So I wanted to get some input as to my current covers in progress. My son and I have been working on changing layout and photo placement, and trying out different fonts.

Both covers are first drafts and not the final product.

The first one is for a book of short stories.

Yes, it still needs some major tweaking, but I’m working on it.

The front cover photo was taken by Stacy Farr.

 “Through the Year” 


And I am thinking a cropped version of this will be the back cover photo unless I decide to just go with a plain gray.



I took this photo down in San Diego at Campland on the Bay Which is a really nice place to stay at if you are into camping.

Now for “The Reincarnations of A.M.B.E.R.” Book 1 “Alexiah”

n svgjnekgbvnkieb kvb copy

The photos of both women, the gates, and the stairs were purchased through Dreamstime and the background sky and clouds is a photo I took.

And the photo for the back cover. Well, I’m not sure which version I want to use yet.

I took all the back cover photos. This is a hill down by my dad’s place.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love clouds!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And speaking of covers, I want to share Jordanna East’s second book in her “The Blood for Blood” Series. I love the cover. Not sure who designed it, but it turned out awesome! Just click on the cover to go to Amazon!



Well thats it for “C” Let me know your opinions and any changes you think would improve my covers and don’t forget to stop back by tomorrow!


  1. Nice photo for the first cover. Nice skills on the 2nd. I like clouds too. Best of luck with both books! Untethered Realms


    • Thank you. My son is the one who cuts and pastes, makes things transparent and positions, and then he makes me pay him. 🙂


  2. Interesting cover art, and very good. I especially like the first one. Very telling. Something as a reader — this reader — I would grab off the shelf, for sure.
    Silvia @


    • Hi Silvia and thank you. I see you are doing the A to Z challenge also. I now follow your blog so I can keep up with your posts. 🙂


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