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Hello, hello, hello!

Just checking in to see how everyone is doing. Are you doing NaNoWriMo? Me, Neither…Oh wait! Yes I am and I am flailing and failing. We are now 18 days in and my word count hasn’t budged! Don’t get me wrong. I have been writing, just not on my NaNo story. I have also been doing other things. Like 001

I have got the Christmas crafting bug going on and I will do a post on my other blog tomorrow about these two cute and easy decorations.

I have been writing some blog posts to share and they are all sitting in my draft file.  One is about Social Platforms and then there is another (The second part to Content) about Context. And I have been reading, so I should have a couple of reviews going up soon. I’ve also agreed to take on a proofreading job in December, which I’m quite excited about.

I have got both computers set up and ready to go, but I think I’ll start the old fashioned way with one of my notebooks, so I’m off to write. Happy Monday everyone!

013 014


  1. I know more than one writer that is doing more than one story. It all counts, use it in NaNo. I approve completely. 🙂


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