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Ryann and Ryann’s Brother, A Review

I don’t want to bog down all of you with too many posts today, but I told fellow author, Paul Dorset, I would do a review this weekend for his new book, Ryann’s Brother, that just came out!

I was fortunate and honored to be one of Paul’s beta readers, for both “Ryann” and “Ryann’s Brother”


ryann's bro

“Ryann” is the story of a young girl whose parents have died. After a time of wandering around on her own, she is sold into slavery and becomes a scalva for the Lord’s son, Bramwel. Ryann must find a way to win her freedom before the bullying, Bramwel, takes out his vengeance on her. Good story for teens and adults alike. Ages 12 and up. And you can pick up the e-book free on Amazon HERE!

“Ryann’s Brother” The rumor has been said that Ryann has an older brother and after winning her freedom, (I know spoiler alert, but you have to read the book to find out how!) she sets out on a quest to find him.  Follow Ryann as she meets good and bad on her journey.

I really enjoyed, “Ryann’s Brother” with all of its twists and turns. There were many surprises along the way and an ending that I didn’t see coming! You can pick up the e-book of Ryann’s Brother HERE!

And a little inside information 🙂 Shhh…Paul has told me he will begin writing the third book in the series, Ryann’s Bane, November 1st.

And since Paul is a plotster we won’t have long to wait!

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and his Blog, Utterances of an Overcrowded Mind.

And find his Amazon  author page here

Paul, I wish you much success for your, “Ryann’s series” but I’m still waiting for the third book in the “New Blood (Melrose)” Series. 🙂

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