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Monthly Archives: September, 2013

An Interview with, Mr. Gary Alan Henson

Hi Gary! I am honored and excited that you stopped by. I know I ask all the same questions with everyone, but I am fascinated by everyone’s answers. It shows just how unique and different we all are. So I’ll start with the usual. 🙂 How did you get involved with the short story group? …

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Please Welcome Angela Kelman

Hi, Angela and welcome, once again, to Karen’s Different Corners! You didn’t send me a photo 🙂 I clicked on the one on G+ to put it here, but all I got was 🙂 And then I clicked on the one on The Short Story Group’s blog and it sent me to your facebook page and …

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The Short Story Group

This week and next week, I will be interviewing and featuring authors who have stories in the short story group anthologies, which was created by Vanessa Wester and James Smith. I have always been a fan of short stories. As a teenager, I had a favorite book of short stories and even though I can’t …

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An Interview with Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar

Hi Mohana and welcome to Karen’s Different Corners. Thanks Karen!   That is a beautiful photo of you. You’re so sweet.  Really all you need is a photographer with an excellent lens who also gets you as a person and I credit Besa Photography for doing such a wonderful job. You can find them here http://www.besaphotography.com/ …

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Welcome James Smith

Please welcome, James Smith, the co-creator of The Short Story Group.Hi James and welcome to Karen’s Different Corners. Tell us how you got involved with the short story group? I was there at the start. I had read Vanessa Westers book and had sent her one of my short stories to look at, the idea …

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Introducing Vanessa Wester!

  I have had the pleasure of being a part of the Short Story Group, created by Vanessa Wester and James Smith and for quite some time now, I have been wanting to interview all of the authors, along with Vanessa and James, but have been procrastinating as usual. 🙂 So today it’s my pleasure …

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Review of “Blood in the Past”

I recently read, “Blood in the Past” by Jordanna East. Blood in the Past, is the introductory novella to the upcoming Blood for Blood Series. Jillian and Mel are mugged as they  leave the subway. When the police officers arrive at Jillian’s apartment, Jillian is smitten with the good looking, older officer, Calvin Kyle. Even though Officer …

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An interview with, Queen of Spades!

Please welcome, Queen of Spades, author of, Reflections of Soul. Tell us about your writing habits. Do you write every day? I don’t write every day.  It does depend on my mood as well as what I’m inspired by.  During the period of time I wrote, Reflections of Soul, I was writing on a daily basis.  However, …

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Please Welcome Willy Nywening

Willy had contacted me about sharing her cover for her novel, The Journey Home” And since I have wrapped up that segment of blog posts I asked her if she would like to be interviewed and tell us not only about her book, but also her writing in general. Please welcome, Willy Nywening.  Hi Karen, …

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