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A Surprise Guest!

The past two weeks I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing different authors from The Short Story Group. Each one unique in their own way. This last interviewee was a little hesitant and nervous about being interviewed (I guess she heard how ruthless I am) 🙂 But I am so happy that she has decided to join in on the fun.

Please give a warm welcome to the lovely, Sonia Wright.

UntitledHi Karen,

Thank you for asking me to take part in your interview with each member of The Short Story Group.

Hi Sonia. I am so happy you decided to join us.

How did you get involved with the short story group?

An interesting question! Let’s see now, I suppose it was Karma or similar meaning word for it.
I had been writing a story on my Blog called GONE a Twitter friend of mine who was following
It on her kindle said she had book marked so she could keep up with it. Not knowing any-
thing about eBook devises, I asked my daughter how my friend could do this especially as it was an Amazon
devise. She didn’t know the answer to this but laughing said ‘maybe Amazon will see it and publish it’.
A couple of weeks later I saw Vanessa Wester’s tweet asking for authors to join and submit their short stories
to a group she and James Smith was starting up. The only time I had been published before was when I had poems
printed in 3 Anthologies I was nervous about replying to the advert it took a lot of courage. I found a ghost story I
had written some years ago and submitted it. When my first short story was accepted I was over the moon and
as it was being sold for charity I thought this was a brilliant way to raise funds for a worth while
Organisation; The British Heart Foundation.

How many of the short story books do you have a story in and which ones?

I have two stories printed in two compilations




 Can you give us one sentence describing each story,

LOST IN THE FOG tells the story of a nurse returning home from work on Halloween
a fog comes down and she takes shelter in a mysterious house which appears out of nowhere.

Oh. I remember this one! Great story.

CAROL’S CHRISTMAS VISITOR is a modern take on Shakespeare’s A Christmas Carol (the hint is in the title).
It was fun re-writing it and appropriate for the time of year.

If the short story group puts out another collection, will you submit a story again?

Absolutely if indeed I can manage to keep the story within the limited number of words ha ha!
My stories have a tendency to take on a life of their own and I have difficulty reducing it. Short
Stories are not the easiest things to write. You have to capture the reader instantly and ensure the
characters are believable and retain the all important beginning, middle and end.

Okay now for the hard part

Tell us about your writing habits. Do you write every day?

Honestly? No I don’t. Basically I am lazy and will write when I am in the mood.
Plus, I tend to put other things like housework 😦 as a priority, I feel guilty if I am
seen sat down writing so it is put on hold!

How long have you been writing?

Um another hard question! I really didn’t settle down to write until I retired from my
full time employment. Most of my stories are half written then I stuffed them in a drawer
and forgot about them. I really consider myself as a ‘Teller of Stories’ in the old fashion sense!
My cousins loved to be scared by my tales of monsters witches and ghosts.
At school the nuns were not happy when they over heard the bible stories I was telling they were
definitely not the same as in the Holy Book. When I worked on the wards the patients loved to hear
my stories. Some had elements of the truth which had been stretched to make them sound more
interesting, others were fictitious. The patients would guess which was which, at the end of my shift
I would tell them which was true and which fiction was. So in answer to that question

A good story does a lot to help ease pain and discomfort. I bet you were their favorite!

How many books do you have out?

I have no other books published! I’m one of those people who would need an agent to do
all the running around. As I’m no Shakespeare, Bronte or JK Rowling getting one is not
an option. I write to give people pleasure so my BLOG gives access to GONE a story
about a small groups fight against HUMAN TRAFFICKING. I write a chapter at a time
then publish it. THE VALLEY OF CAVES is at chapter 4 chapter 5 is being written at the
moment. People who have busy lives can keep up with the story when it is written in this
way 🙂 The blog link is http://withthewind1943.blogspot.co.uk/

Do you have a favourite one that you have written and why?

I did enjoy writing the children’s short THE MAGIC EGG which was
several thousand words too long for the children’s compilation that was published
by the Short Story Group in the summer. I am going to improve it and then think
about publishing it independently.

What’s next for you? Are you working on another book? Tell us a little about it.

I’ve been writing a young adults book for some time now, I go to it when I have a few moments to spare.
It’s about two young girls who travel through time into each other’s time zone. It’s quite fascinating
how they are able to do this. If it gets finished and published you can read all about it then, I have
learnt that an author never gives secrets away about their book. You never know who may steal
your idea.

What do you do to relax when you aren’t writing/

I read, listen to music, go to the cinema, and the theatre and rummage round the
Charity shops, you can pick up a bargain or two in them. I love to cruise. I can’t
Think of anything more relaxing than sitting on the deck with a cocktail in my
hand and watching the world go by. Being waited on, having a steward to make
your bed, and ensuring your cabin is always clean and tidy. And that important touch,
the chocolate left on your pillow yum!

Do you have any other creative past-times/

Yes I suppose I do. I love drawing. Graphite is what I work with mostly and portraits
Is what I enjoy drawing. The pencil is so versatile it can be used to give portrait strength
or passion softness or tenderness drama or depth. Pastel is another medium I work with
and again it is versatile. Unlike other mediums I feel I am part of them getting graphite or pastel
on my fingers and palms is part of getting to know them. I believe pastel is an underestimated medium
and undervalued for its quality of work, but for the right subject an artist can produce some beautiful pictures..

A Graphite Portrait Of J. Abrahams, Jazz Singer By Sonia P. Wright.

sonia's art

WOW! Sonia, that is amazing and beautiful. You are very talented.

Okay that’s it.

WHOOP, WHOOP, WHOOP! Thanks Karen that was interesting!

No, thank you! I am so glad you decided to stop by and let us get to know you.

Find Sonia on  TWITTER


And Facebook, but I couldn’t get the link to work. Sonia when you read this, please leave your facebook link in the comments or email me and I’ll add it.




  1. gelakel

    Really interesting, Sonia. Great drawing, too.



    • Hi Angela!
      I agree. I think it is very interesting and here Sonia was nervous and worried. And I’d love to see more of her artwork.


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