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Please Welcome, Dona Watson

Hi Dona and welcome to Karen’s Different Corners!


Hi Karen! 

Thank you so much for the chance to share.
First we will start off with some questions about your involvement with the short story group.

How did you get involved with the short story group?

I went to a writer’s conference in September 2012 and after hearing a presentation by Milo Fowler (Short Story Writer Extraordinaire!) I got the bug to write short stories. While browsing the web a couple of months later looking for a home for them, I found the short story group looking for Christmas stories, contacted Vanessa and the rest is history, as they say.

How many of the short story books do you have a story in and which ones?

My Christmas story, “The Miss Chievous Christmas Tree”, is in A Festive Feast (December 2012).


Can you give us one sentence describing your story,

In “The Miss Chievous Christmas Tree”, a teenage boy finds a capricious, lost fairy tangled in the branches of his Christmas tree and has to find a way to help her get home.

If the short story group puts out another collection, will you submit a story again?

I was honored to be a part of the collection and happy to see the proceeds be donated to charity. I would definitely consider writing a new piece if the short story group rides again. 

Okay, now for the hard part.
Tell us about your writing habits. Do you write every day?

I would like to say I write every day, but I have to be truthful. I do take a couple of days off every week to get caught up on the rest of my life. But those stories inside keep clamoring to get out so before I know it, I’m back with a pen in my hand or fingers on the keyboard.

How long have you been writing?

I’ve written stories and poems as long as I can remember. In the 1980s I started a novel about global warming and a floating city but that one was a disaster from the beginning and I don’t think it ever got far from the pin board. It wasn’t until 2004 when I decided to give writing a serious try. As part of that year’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), I wrote the first draft of a fantasy novel, The Lightstone of Perlan, and haven’t quit writing since.

How many books do you have out?

Deathchaser is a fantasy short story that appeared in the e-magazine Sorcerous Signals. Also, I’m very excited to say that I have a new book coming out November 1! Angel Songs is a collection of 20 Christmas short stories and poems that I wrote last year.

Do you have a favorite one that you have written? Why?

Every story seems like a child of mine so it’s hard to pick a favorite. There are a couple though that I love because they were so satisfying to write—it seemed they just poured out of my heart onto paper, er, the computer screen. One of them is a short story about a foster child and his careworker and is part of a book of devotionals currently under consideration by a publisher. My fingers are crossed and I hope to see that one in print soon! I have to say too that Deathchaser is close to my heart as its roots lie in the first fantasy novel I wrote. I will regain the rights to Deathchaser in January and will be publishing it soon thereafter for Kindle.

What’s next for you? Are you working on another book? Tell us a little about it.

I’m working on a set of five flash fiction fantasy stories that I plan to publish in e-book form next year. Also, I have a science fiction novel in rewrites about a half-breed who seeks immortality for genetically engineered slaves. Somewhere in there, I’m also working on an urban fantasy/high elf novelette.

What do you do to relax when you aren’t writing?

I keep pretty busy working full-time at home and I love to be with my husband and two teenage kids so there’s not a lot of spare time. I do, however, try to take a few quiet minutes in the morning for myself before the day starts and I love to read or watch movies whenever I get the chance. I just got caught up on all the Doctor Who episodes so I’m looking forward to the big special in November! 

Any other creative pastimes? Crafts, gardening, art, etc.?

My daughter loves cosplay so sometimes I help with her costumes—at least with the sewing, that is. Other than that, I like to play in the kitchen a bit when the mood strikes.

Karen: Here’s my bio:

Dona Watson grew up with a book in one hand and an imagination full of mystery and adventure. Her fantasy novel The Lightstone of Perlan placed in two contests, and her short stories have been published online and in print. You can find her surrounded by way too many books at her home in Southern California with a wonderful husband, two terrific children, and a precocious little dog. You can also find her online at  http://dlwatson.com.

Wow Dona, I didn’t know you lived in SoCal. Me too!

They say we are to learn something new every day, so I guess that’s mine for today! 🙂
Okay that’s it. Now that wasn’t so hard, was it? 🙂

Thank you for joining me. It is always a pleasure getting to know more about everyone involved with The Short Story Group. And I look forward to your new book, Angel Songs.


  1. Great interview! “Those stories inside keep clamoring to get out” — that’s how you know you’re a real writer, Dona. Looking forward to your Christmas collection.



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