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A Review of, Reflections of Soul!

Good morning and happy Monday! I have been doing some reading and today i plan on catching up with most of my social media. 🙂

I am sooo far behind! So first on my to-do list is telling you about one of the books I read over the weekend titled, “Reflections of Soul” Which is a book of poetry by “Queen of Spades” I had featured it on my “Show Me Your Cover” series of posts here on my blog and even though I don’t tell everyone, I do try to buy and read all of the books that I feature. (Maybe some day I will catch up!)  So here we go!

Reflections of Soul


Reflections of Soul, is not only a collection of poetry that comes from the deepest parts of the heart and soul, but snippets of her life, showing us the hardships she has faced and the courage to find a happier life. I believe that Reflections of Soul, is something we can all relate to whether we have been abused or know someone who has been. I applaud Queen of Spades for putting together and sharing this beautiful collection of her deepest feelings for us to read.  I highly recommend it and give it a 5 star.


  1. (jaw drop) Thank you so much, Karen! I am so glad you enjoyed the book and found a work or several works you could connect with. 🙂


    • Surprised? Why? It is wonderfully written and I can just imagine how hard it was for you to put it all together. Hugs for a great Monday!


      • I didn’t know you were going to get to me so quickly because you just recently told me you had purchased it. (smiles).

        If you ever start doing interviews again, sign me up. I’d love to tell you about my upcoming work, Eclectic.


      • I love to read and I read pretty fast. 🙂 It’s just that I have to be in the mood to sit down and read and this past weekend was great for reading because I really needed a break from painting my house. Which still is a work in progress! As for interviews, maybe next month I’ll start them up again. I’ll keep you posted!


      • Wow I can imagine! What color did you decide to go with?


      • Well basically it is white with reddish brown trim and a tan for the wood siding parts. 🙂 I will hopefully do a post in the next couple of days with before and after of the back of the house and then it’s on to the side!


      • I can’t wait to see it.


  2. Reblogged this on No Labels…Unleashed and commented:
    I am pleased that Reflections of Soul has received another five star review. (does the Cabbage Patch)


  3. I don’t read poetry anymore. Too busy, or something. It feels good to know it is out there and still thriving though. 🙂


    • Hi Anna
      I have been trying my hand at a few poems and they keep ending up as children’s illustrated rhyming books. We will see how they work out. 🙂



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