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Our Last, Show Me Your Cover, Featuring Angela Kelman!

Angela is the last one for this series, Show me your cover! I met Angela through the Short Stories Group and once again they are taking submissions, so check them out here. Authors keep their story rights and all proceeds from the sales of the books go to charity. If you’d like to contribute a story, click here.  http://www.shortstoriesgroup.blogspot.com/p/submissions.html

Hi Angela and welcome once again to Karen’s Different Corners. Please tell us about your cover and how you came about the design.

My cover was designed around a photo that I took while holidaying with my family.  I designed it myself using  iPiccy which is a free online photo editor.  It was very easy to use and I would recommend it, I’ll be using it again for The Kylo Part two .  Once I had finished the basic cover I photoshopped in the eagle and owl.  These birds are carried through the storyline so I wanted to include them.  Yes I am happy with the finished cover, I had fun designing it and think it suits the story inside.

Kylo cover

After I received the first  email from Angela, I had to email her back:

Your cover is beautiful, Angela! Would you mind emailing me the original photo and we can share it on your post also, so everyone can see how you layered and built on it to come up with your final cover?

Hi.  I’ve attached the photo, that’s a good idea!  As you can see it is very very different from the cover.  I added the sunbeams in the background, then changed the color of the photo to match.

 And here’s the photo Angela began with;

lock achray 1

Now in my opinion the photo Angela took while on vacation is gorgeous and yet has an eerie feeling to it, like it would belong in a thriller or murder mystery movie and the transformation from the photo to the cover is remarkable and since I‘m a fall/autumn person, I love the colors in the cover.  

If you would like to pick up an ebook copy of  The Kylo Kate’s Journey find it on Amazon HERE

Well that’s it folks The last cover. I will post a wrap up blog post on Friday.


  1. gelakel

    Thanks again, Karen, for including me in your ‘cover series’. It has been great looking at all the different covers.

    Angela 🙂 x



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