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Ben Woodard, Show Me Your Cover!

book-cover 4x6

About the design

A stairway is a major feature of this book, A Stairway To Danger, and the two sequels that follow. I wanted a spooky cover that would indicate that the book is about boys and bad guys – an older and more edgy version of a Hardy Boys type book. And I think the cover is similar to some of the old boy books. My designer was Kevin O’Dea of  Trifecta Media in Lexington, KY.  We collaborated on the ideas and he did the design. It is exactly what I wanted.

I think you and Kevin captured the old boy books style perfectly. I do want to know one thing though, What is the age group for “A Stairway to Danger” Is it a YA or ? Oops, I asked too soon! I just went and read some of the reviews and from the readers comments, I would say 12+ 

Okay now for the Blurb from Amazon

1923. An eyeless body. A menacing stranger. And a tangled mystery. If Clive Cussler and Lee Child wrote a teen book featuring a deadly gang, resourceful boys, and nonstop excitement it would be A STAIRWAY TO DANGER. Fourteen-year-old Tom is learning farm life from his older cousin, Will, when they stumble on a deserted barge—or is it? The boys smell a mystery and snoop around, but what they find is bigger and more dangerous than anything they could have imagined. A STAIRWAY TO DANGER is a fun, page-turning thriller with a dark side.

You can pick up “A Stairway to Danger” HERE!

Thanks, Karen.

And you are most welcome, Ben. 


  1. Thanks again, Karen!



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