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David Sakmyster, Show Me Your Cover

Hi Karen, thanks for the opportunity for this.

Hi David and thank you for sharing your cover for “Blindspots” with us!

The cover was designed by Stan Tremblay at http://www.findtheaxis.com/.  He worked closely with me (and the publisher) to get us just the right tone and imagery after we submitted a couple concepts. But the key was to have somebody creepy with a blurred out face, and also incorporate an hourglass – which was integral to the novel’s plot. Stan came up with the great solution of including the same person in the top and bottom of the hourglass – reverse images, one blurry and one clear, which worked so well with the overall plot. I couldn’t be happier.

 Here’s the cover for my novel, BLINDSPOTS.

Blindspots full cover

You can get the kindle edition of “Blind Spots” HERE!

Here’s the  blurb:

Six strangers from across the globe, all afflicted with Prosopagnosia-a disease that renders the sufferer unable to recognize faces-find themselves drawn to a secluded Vermont clinic specializing in their condition. Once there, to the shock of their lives, these strangers find they are not only able to see, but somehow recognize each other. But before they can learn the amazing truth about their connection, they are targeted by a preternaturally-gifted killer who has been waiting, more than one lifetime, for their arrival.

And David shared one of his reviews with us. 

Blindspots is a mind-expanding, thought provoking supernatural thriller, a wild ride full of original characters and concepts that will linger with you long after you’ve breathlessly turned the last page.” –Jeremy Robinson, bestselling author of SecondWorld and Ragnarok”

David, I want to thank you for stopping by. I wish you much success with your novel, “Blindspots”


  1. Nice cover!! Love it…


  2. gelakel

    Oh I like this! Crackin’. Works really well.



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