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Show Me Your Cover, Michelle Mogil!

I met Michelle through a Goodreads group we both belong to when we were doing the All Authors Blog Blitz and I featured her on my other blog, Different Corners in my life and you can find that post HERE and I’m excited that she wanted to share her cover with us here. So please welcome, Michelle Mogil who is sharing her cover for “The Gentle Man”

My book cover was a collaboration between myself and Eric Hubbel

I had a concept in mind and worked with Eric to realize it. I wanted the image of a man, gazing into a window, looking both threatening and desirable – not an easy thing to do. I have to admit, I can’t stop staring at his face…
The Gentle Man Final
Ana Trent is having a change of life — and it ain’t menopause. Just when she had resigned herself to a life of drudgery and angst in her downhill years, Ana is accosted by a mysterious man running for his life. Naturally, she tries to help. Naturally, things don’t go well…

Available at both Smashwords and Amazon.com. Smashwords link:

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