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Welcome, Frederick Anderson to, Show Me Your Cover!

Hi Frederick and welcome to Karen’s Different Corners. Tell us about your book, “I am Cara”

Hi Karen!     Great idea – this is the Amazon blurb for ‘I am Cara’ –

A hundred years have passed since the human race’s last attempt to wipe itself out, and this time it might just have worked! In a world where fertility has ceased and male children are no longer born, an almost entirely female population faces extinction. Free spirit Cara may seem to be a loose cannon, nearly as dangerous as the murderous female gangs she taunts – but maybe she also has an answer…..

IamCara facepage3

I designed the cover.  I wanted to convey the post-apocalyptic backcloth to the story and the presence of Cara herself.  I kept it as sparse as possible with these things in mind.  You can find her,  I am Cara at


Hope you like!

I do! Hey if you don’t mind, would you tell us what program you used to design, “I am Cara” and where  you got your photos?


  1. Pleased to! The programs were my extremely old and outdated Coral Photopaint and Gimp. There are two pictures – Cara from a family photo (I hope she won’t mind me saying this) slightly reshaped cosmetically and with amendments to arm, head position and so on. The crossbow came from a trade magazine somewhere. Lots of cut-out and paste!


    • Hey the old programs can be the best ones! It’s the cut and paste that drives me batty. 🙂 That’s why I let my son do it. If I am working on my covers, I use Printshop deluxe that I’ve had forever. My son on the other hand uses Gimp.


  2. Thanks for following my blog. I am following as well since this looks like a great place to visit.



  1. Wrapping up, Show Me Your Cover! | karensdifferentcorners

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