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Cheral White stops by Show Me Your Cover

Hi Cheral and welcome to Karen’s Different Corners. Tell us a little bit about your cover for Total Angst.
The cover is completely my artwork, design and production.  http://www.dcwhite.org
My husband and I are the Authors of the series, but I am also an artist so designed the books myself.  The series is available at Amazon, here’s the link http://amzn.to/1asA45e
TA for ebook upload 2

They’re Back

The final mystery continues from coast to coast. After the world is partly destroyed through one disaster or another, and with catastrophic results, judgment day seems to be getting closer all the time. Is this the last chaos? Will the police, those outside of the corruption in law enforcement, the FBI or our special forces be able to change our predicted ending? Has this been terrorism from within?
In a daring covert attempt to stop the One World Union from filling a seat with the one that can ruin the world, Kat, Snake and the Callanders face evil in its truest sense. Who will make it to the end? The real mystery is how she managed to escape notice as long as she did. But she’s not done; she has one more trick up her sleeve. Will she be successful? Is all we know and love in danger of disappearing or has it all been nothing but a conspiracy theory?

Thanks for including me.
You are welcome Cheral. Thank you for sharing your cover with us. By the way, I like the colors on the cover. They make it pop!


  1. Would definitely catch my eye in a bookstore.


  2. WoW! Now, that’s a classic ‘cover sells book’ scenario, even before you open up the book!



  1. Wrapping up, Show Me Your Cover! | karensdifferentcorners

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