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Welcome, Chris Ward to Show Me Your Cover

This is the second time, Chris has shared a cover on my blog. The first being, The Tube Riders, (Which was a thrilling read, by the way)  when I did the series of posts, Judging a book by its cover.

So Chris tell us about your newest book, Head of Words.

Head of Words Front
 This cover was designed by Su Halfwerk at  www.novelprevue.com. People have mixed feelings about it but it fits my vision perfectly.
Basically, Head of Words is about a man struggling with both external and internal turmoil. The arched head symbolises his suffering while the bridge on the front is where several key scenes take place. It’s actually a famous suicide spot in Bristol, England (can’t say any more without spoiling the plot). And the title is made up of a single sentence repeated over and over, a sentence from the prologue of the book which sums up pretty much everything that is going to happen.
In short, this book is my “art”, whereas books like Tube Riders are my attempt to fit into a commercial market, and I think the cover is very fitting for the story.

And now for the blurb 

Bliss … or is it?

Life is peachy for twenty-something Daniel Barker, who lives with his offbeat group of friends in a small flat in Bristol. From the eccentric Franz to the dominatrix Polly and the psychotic Shane, they all bring colour and excitement to his life. Together they are family, inseparable.

But as space reaches a premium and tensions begin to rise, Dan’s whole world threatens to implode around him.

The real nightmare is about to begin …

Veering from brutal to comic via tragedy, disaster and love, Head of Words is the story of one man’s path to understanding upon a rollercoaster of life that threatens to both destroy him and set him free.

 Sounds like a great read, Chris. Another book to add to my kindle and Thanks for sharing with us. 

You can buy Head of Words HERE

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