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Show me your Cover, Eva Natsumi!

Please Welcome Eva who is sharing her cover for “Miss Lonelyhearts”

How I came about it:

I needed something romantic but something that also portrayed the end of the world. I chose the girl with the roses because it had a sensual yet sombre quality. Roses portray life and death, and that’s what I see when I look at her. In the background you can see a bio hazard symbol which denotes the apocalypse in the book.

I designed this myself but not without feedback. misslonelyheartscover

After I got the feedback and tweaked it a little, I was really happy with the design. I still am very happy! Getting to design your own covers is one of the perks of self publishing.

Crippled with anxiety her whole life, Greta knows little beyond the comforts of her couch, cat, and cush job in Washington D.C. She has one friend in her life, Jack, a man she wants more from but can’t find the courage to take. Though lately Jack’s been aloof… mysterious, and if that wasn’t enough, a virulent plague is infecting the world. In no time the world catapults in to chaos.There is no time to figure out what or who caused the plague, Greta and Jack must leave D.C. before they too become infected. Their once clean and friendly city is overwrought with aimless, childlike infected and bloodthirsty savages seeking their flesh.Thrust in to the apocalypse, Greta finally feels free. As she fights off infected and stumbles in to post-apocalyptic life with Jack, her anxiety vanishes. Is this the change that Greta needed to overcome her personal demons or is it too late? Is everything too far gone?
Where to buy:
It’s not yet available on Amazon because it’s still in the shop with my editor, but you can read an unedited version on my blog:evanatsumi.blogspot.com


  1. There is something about roses and a woman that makes a great cover


  2. Good morning Dannie. I love the way she designed it, but I meant to ask her how it would refer to the apocolypse



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