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J. Steven Butler, Show Me Your Cover

The name is The Night Sweeper.

I really wanted to convey a sense of desolation in the cover.  A large portion of the story is set in a dystopian city.  I wanted the ambiance of the cover to portray all of this at a glance.  The cityscape photograph I purchased online from a stock photo site.  The script and adjustments to color were made by Ida at amygdaladesign.net.  She does amazing work and is great to collaborate with.
After James sent me the info and jpeg for his novel, he sent me another email
“Hi Ms. Karen,
I apologize, but for personal reasons, I have had to change the cover of my book. Everything about the cover is the same except for the lettering fonts and coloring.  This new cover was actually done by a friend of mine who worked in design.”
And being me, I had to ask why. 🙂
And here is his reply;
 The brown cover was actually the first one I released, but I was worried that it wasn’t eye catching enough.  I ended up changing it to the red-tinted cover, but found that it didn’t seem to do as well as the original.  Also, there were some contests I had running with the original cover, and I didn’t want to cause any confusion, so I went back to it.  I really like both, but ultimately felt I should stick with what I started with.
sweeper cover

(Now personally I, Karen,  like this font and placement better, but that’s just my personal opinion. As some of you know, I’m not a cover person. You could throw any Stephen King title at me and I wouldn’t have a clue as to what’s on the cover, but ask me what the book is about , now that’s a different story. 🙂  )

James also told me that he purchased the original stock photo of the cityscape from Dreamstime.com


Cray is a Night Sweeper.  He’s 25 years old, brilliant, strong, and a zombie hunter.  His only job, night after night, is to rid the streets of Festers, the result of chemical warfare gone awry.

Now, a new virus threatens to repeat the disaster that brought on the first Fester apocalypse, and Cray is determined to do whatever it takes to stop it.  Joining forces with a beautiful and mysterious government agent, Cray is propelled into a life or death mission unlike anything he’s ever experienced.

And as if that wasn’t enough, he’ll soon find out there’s much more to his new partner than meets the eye.

You can pick up the ebook of The Night Sweeper HERE

James, I want to thank you for sharing your cover and the reason behind changing it. I wish you much success!

P.S. I was reading a post on, Nail Your Novel, today titled,

“Should you change your book’s cover? Tips for success” So check it out and see why other authors have changed their covers. In fact I have been thinking of changing my cover for The Good Dr. Grant. I’ve been told that my sweet grand dog doesn’t convey a sense of romance 🙂


  1. I’ve also been pinning every featured cover as I post them to my pinterest books board You can find it here http://pinterest.com/kkrafts58/books/


  2. Hi There

    Somehow I prefer your first cover – it is more effective in thumbnail size as seen in ebook shelves – the stark contrast between light and dark makes it stand out well and the title is also more visible. The arrangement of the title fonts with a white font on the top line and then a different one below also creates interesting variation rather than the second cover’s where everything is the same. Ida at Amygdala design did a great job. There may be many graphic designers but not all of them specialise in book covers, especially ebook covers. If you work with ebook covers every day you get to know what works well in the small size that is displayed on ebook sites….some of the best ebook covers do not look that super in a large size but in a small size they work like a bomb.




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