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Catharina Shields, Show Me Your Cover!

Hi Cat and welcome back to Karen’s Different Corners. Catharina was one of the All Author’s Blog Blitz authors, featured here on my blog last week! And I am happy that she dropped by to share her cover of, “For Elise” with us.

ForElise(bc04fini) (20pct)

{18+} A contemporary romance about a young Louisiana woman with only one heartfelt desire, and the two men who love her so deeply that they’ll stop at nothing to see her desire come true.Louisiana, 2006…Just a year out of prison on a work-release program after serving twenty years hard time for killing a man, Reece T. Dubois, now thirty-nine, wanted nothing more than to keep his nose clean and to live in peace. Then he meets the beautiful and sensuous Elise Beauchamp, the young wife of a friendly pastor nearly twice her age, and all bets are off. He struggles between allowing himself to surrender to his desires or to keep his distance, yet slowly but surely he discovers why the pastor had invited him to meet his beautiful wife at their home, and just one look at her sweeps him away in a torrent of passion, pain, betrayal, and for him, the unchartered waters of unrequited but true love.Elise Beauchamp, thirty-four, always considered herself to be levelheaded and loyal. Although she’s a classic raven-haired beauty, she never considered herself one. She staunchly believes in the sanctity of marriage and was never tempted by another man. Then one evening her husband brings a Work Release Inmate home for dinner…Leo Beauchamp is the beloved pastor of the Lost Sheep of the Lord Assembly in Caddo Parish who offers his services to the Caddo Parish Work Release House. There he meets Reece and finds the answer that would end his secret suffering and what would finally set him on the path of redemption…

And the back coverforelisebookcover5x8_bw_430 (res25pct)
I design all my book covers myself {it’s really fun!}. I don’t have a budget to have it professionally done so I work extra hard to make it appear as professional as possible. How I came about designing the one for “For Elise (A Romance About the Deepest and Truest Love)” was picturing them on Caddo Lake in Mooringsport, Louisiana. It’s actually a scene from the book and exactly what I was looking for. And I love the colors.
Wow! You designed the cover yourself? You’ll have to tell us what program you use. It turned out beautiful. I love the colors too!
Catharina, Thank you for sharing your cover with us.


  1. Yes, I designed the cover from scratch! But it wasn’t easy at first. Today, it takes me about four hours to design a book cover, just a little more time than I need to make the book trailers for each book that I post to my YouTube channel, CatharinaShields.

    Through *much* trial and error, I’ve learned to use two programs in order to create and design my book covers and bookmarks. I use Corel Paint Shop Pro Ultimate Photo X2 {has almost all the amazing features that the much more expensive Photoshop has, but is much more user friendly – and less expensive} and the free online photo editing site, Ribbit {that had powered the famous but now defunct Picnic online photo editor}.

    For special fonts, I go to fontspace.com and download then add them to my preprogrammed fonts. For “For Elise”, I used both the standard English 157 and ChopinScript.

    Thank you for the compliment. I’m happy you like the colors and the design.


  2. By the way? You did an amazing job, Karen. Thank you so much.



  1. Wrapping up, Show Me Your Cover! | karensdifferentcorners

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