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Show me your Cover with Dannie Hill

Dannie Hill is a sweetheart. He has been a big supporter of my blog and always takes time to tweet out my posts and leave comments. (Yes Dannie I still have that stray dog and she still needs a home. See I am slow at replying also! LOL)

So let’s give a big round of applause for Mr. Dannie Hill and the cover of his  latest novel DEATH’S DOOR

DeathsDoor_NEWEST smashwords_size Front cover (2)

Okay Dannie, it’s all yours…

I used cover designer and artist Amanda Matthews of AMDesignstudios.

I had a vision of what I wanted in a cover and tried to describe it to Amanda, but felt I wasn’t doing the book justice with what I was trying to say. Amanda read between the line, as it were, and produced the exact cover I was looking for. She went through numerous small changes and designed my ebook as well as my paperback cover. She performed all this work at what I consider a very reasonable price and I will look to her and her editing partner A Mauren for my next book.

You can find her here http://amdesignstudios.net/

And here’s the back cover blurb. I might add that AMDesignstudios did the editing job as well.

Back Cover

When a terrorist’s dirty bomb threatens to contaminate the United States heartland, only pure American courage can disarm and disassemble the threat of Death’s Door.

New Jersey State Police Detectives Dell Sharpton and Bill Anders have been supporting the state’s Terrorism Task Force by using their Arabic language skills to gain trust and solve crimes within the tightly knit Arab American community.  When officials at the National Security Agency learn of Dell’s remarkable courage and odd but proven ability to “see” the immediate dangers facing his tactical operations team, he and his partner Bill get caught up in a secret government run counter-terrorism mission that leads both men—and the ones they love—directly to Death’s Door.

Death’s Door is a fast paced thriller with non-stop action, suspense, humor and a touch of romance.

 Link to buy

 Dannie, Thank you for sharing your cover of Death’s Door. I look forward to reading it!


  1. Aww, so great to see Dannie here on your blog, Karen. Death’s Door is a wonderful read, and I remember how impressed I was by Dannie’s departure from the genre of his previous book – In Search of a Soul. I do like the mysterious cover as it captures the essence of the book very well.

    Dannie is a wonderful, talented author, and may I just add, one of the sweetest men I’ve ever known. He deserves every success.




    • Dear lovely Eden. You know how to make me blush and smile at the same time. One of my greatest pleasures has been getting to know you. I’ve learned so much about the social media and my kindness comes from people like you and Karen.


  2. Thank you so much for featuring the cover of my latest book. Karen is has been a pleasure getting to know you and to admire your support for writers. Your kind words always make me smile.


  3. A knock-out cover and a great read. I highly recommend this book.


    • Thank you, Tim. Support from other writer is like a balm to me. And I couldn’t put your book down!


    • Well, I picked it up and have it on my kindle, now just to find some reading time 🙂
      Hi Tim how have you been?


      • I’m well. Things are going along. 🙂


  4. So many layers to this cover, I love it. Enticing colour, and those entrancing eyes. This would definitely grab my attention.



  1. Wrapping up, Show Me Your Cover! | karensdifferentcorners

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