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Come One! Come All!

I have a lot of new and old (well not old, but they have been done before) posts coming up on my blog! And I want to invite everyone to stop by.

First:  It’s the BOOK BLOG BLITZ!  Well not really, but that’;s what I’ve been calling it. 🙂

I am part of the group  Self-Published and Indie Authors Support Group on Goodreads and I signed up for the “All Authors Blog Blitz”!

So, on June 15th I will have not one, but two, author’s guest posting here at Karen’s  Different Corners and I will have a guest post on

A Queen’s Ramblings  http://www.queenofspadesthepoet.blogspot.com/

Second: We had such a great time, we got a little promo, and it was well received, actually my series on “Judging a book by its cover

Was a great hit with everyone, and I have had people asking if they could still participate, and since my new book,

“Judged by the Cover” jbtc

just came out, I am going to do this series again. So starting next week. I will feature one cover a day. Do you have a new book out? A new cover for a previously published book?  A new book designer?

Send me your covers!

The rules are;

Send me a photo of your cover. Front and back or just front is fine.

Tell me how you came about this particular design. Are you happy with it? Did you design it yourself? Or did you have someone else design it? If you had someone else design it, tell us who and give us the link to their site. Book designers need love too!

Send me the blurb. Not an excerpt, just the blurb from the back of the book or the description from Amazon.

Give me ONE, just One, link where readers can find your book.

Send everything to me at kkrafts58@gmail.com

See that wasn’t so hard now, was it? 🙂

I look forward to hearing from everyone! And don’t forget to Stop by Saturday and show some love for the Book, Blog, Blitz!


  1. I so want to do this with “Seditious” my fourth book coming out in later June… But it’s not available yet 😦 Lots of love, Emily


    • Whenever you are ready, just send it to my email. I will probably do it for 30 days. Hi Emily!


  2. The book cover series was a great thing, Karen. I’ll have to send you one of my covers because you do a great job of presentation.


  3. Great idea! I’ll be dashing a cover your way.


    • Sounds good! I look forward to hearing from you! I have received ones for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday so far!


  4. How wonderful 🙂 Sent all my stuff!


    • Awesome! Glad to have you join us. I will be posting the schedule tomorrow and will let you know which day you will be featured.


    • I’m getting ready to post the schedule in a few minutes. It’s filling up fast. I’ve got your info and I have you down for Friday June 28th


  5. I would love to be a part! Do you have any spots left?


  6. gelakel

    Think I’ve left it far too late to get involved!! how annoying. Enjoying all the covers though. xxx


  7. Just found you today, Karen, after you liked my blog post. Thanks for that. I’ll be sending along the appropriate info for The Loyalist’s Wife. I’m so glad I found you!


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