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My New Book! Free June 4th and 5th!

My new book came out yesterday. Am I excited? Not really. Am I euphoric? No. In fact I feel a little let down.

I got the idea for “Judged By The Cover” When I was doing the series, “Judging a Book by its Cover” here on my blog. I had planned on publishing by Christmas, and then it was Valentine’s and sorry to say, other holidays came and went.

It all started with a cover. Nothing fancy, just something plain. jbc

And then I read a blog post saying that if your book has a plain white background, put a frame around it.  And as you can see, he was right. So I tried different looks and different frames.

There are hearts Which I felt were too much.jbchearts

And then I tried bricks, which wasn’t bad.jbcbricks

But I ended up with this. It reminded me of pillars from the Roman Empire or the Judicial system. Something you would see at a courthouse, or a government building. Click on it 🙂jbtc

“Judged by the Cover” is the story of Terri who lives in NY. She is in a relationship and she is a noted cover designer. She is hired by a publisher to design a cover for the best selling author, Craig Burrows. But not only does Craig Burrows write mystery novels, he is a mystery. He has no bio and there are no photos of him to be found. In fact his author photo he uses for the back covers of his novels look like this, Untitled

Now Terri starts judging him by his rejection emails and he starts judging her by her cover designs. When they finally meet in person will things change? And why is he a man of mystery?

Okay that’s the basic. One other thing, There is part of the first chapter (of the fictional) Craig Burrow’s new book, “Judged by You”

Now, I’m not a mystery writer, but I think I should write his book and toss my own. 🙂 Ha Ha!

Anyway, because of my lack of self confidence, I started writing a poem ( I’m not a poet either), that would go into my book of short stories and poems, based on photo and word prompts which is due out in December and tentatively title, “Throughout the Year”  I was going to share the beginning of it with you, but as I started adding more to it I decided that I am going to make it into a children’s rhyming book with illustrations. We will see how that turns out considering I don’t write children’s books, nor am I an artist or illustrator! Yikes! What am I doing?

So I procrastinated and I got paranoid! I doubted my work. Always have, still do, and probably always will.

Okay enough whining on my part. There are countless blog post on “Judging a book by its cover. Here is mine;


And here is one on Huffington Post;


And another one here on the blog;  YA CONFIDENTIAL 


And who would of known that there is actually a song titled, You Can’t Judge a Book By the Cover” By the great Bo Diddley!


Oh and my book is featured here on Ngaire’s Blog


And here too! http://adventuresofceciliaspark.blogspot.com.es/2013/05/romantic-rendezvous-with-karen-einsel.html

Thank you sooo much Ngaire!

And “Judged by the Cover” is dedicated to all of the authors who shared their book covers on my blog.

Writing a book with the title, “Judged by the Cover” is very risky! What happens if the readers give the cover an “A” and the story a “D” So I have decided to use this book as a work in progress, editing, revising, rewriting, taking out, adding more and it might take me ten years to get it exactly where I want it to be,  but it is available now on Amazon

In the US  http://www.amazon.com/Judged-By-The-Cover-ebook/dp/B00D56BFJ6

And the UK  http://www.amazon.co.uk/Judged-By-The-Cover-ebook/dp/B00D56BFJ6

So pick up your free copy tomorrow and Wednesday. Judge it, critique it, tear it apart anyway you want, just be sure to leave a review!

Happy Monday Everyone!



  1. Reblogged this on teripolen.


  2. Karen, can you copy this post and email it to me to put it on my blog tomorrow? Thanks, and lots of love, Emily PS I hope you sell a million 🙂


  3. Always love reading your blog posts, Karen, especially judging a book by its cover. Kudos for you and every success with your new romance novel n x


  4. I’ve just done Emily’s, I’m doing Seyi’s and someone else’s after that, I’ll grab your book and do yours for you as well 🙂


    • Why thank Alastair! Just tweeted out your review of Charmeine 🙂 Hope you are having a super awesome day!


      • Thank you 🙂 It’s not too bad thanks. Hope it’s going well your end 🙂


  5. Reblogged this on The parasite guy and commented:
    Here’s something for all the romance readers out there: this book will be free to download over the 4th and 5th of June. Be sure to grab it while you can!


  6. Karen I copied and blogged for you on my blog! I’m hoping you sell a MILLION!!! Lots of love, Emily


  7. Karen. You’re always so honest with your post and life, and I really like that about you. As you know– I too write. Books are and will always be judged by there covers until the author becomes known. You need something to turn a head and ask, “What is that?”

    I’ll admit that one of my books out sells the others because of the cover. It gets good reviews because of what’s inside. I go out and find a cover designer and pay them. I happen to have found one who is part mind reader, all artist and is very reasonable in her prices.

    Best of luck and great success on your new book! I am truly happy for you!


    • Hi Dannie! I was thinking about you yesterday! Did you get your house?
      Yeah, I;m an open book! LOL
      I wanted to make a statement with this one. Thinking that if it was in a book store, would people be intrigued by the simplicity and title. But…I fear I failed miserably pulling off the story. It is short and it feels like it flows in staccato. Oh well I’m one to throw things out there, telling people to take their best shot, while I cringe and cover my face. Ha ha. I had to put it out there because I have been feeling stuck and unable to move forward with anything else. I will be revising it and then I will ask for beta readers, but for now…Hey, I read Rob’s “Devil’s Nightmare” http://www.amazon.com/Devils-Nightmare-ebook/dp/B00AXXD4SE and saw that you were one of his beta readers. I need to get my review posted. I hope you are having a fantasic day!
      Love and hugs,


  8. Nadine

    Hi, Karen. Wishing you lots of success with the new book. Thanks for the cool offer.

    Also, just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated your blog for an award. Please see my latest post for more details. Ta. 🙂


    • Hi Nadine! And Thank you. I will stop by your blog!


      • Nadine

        You’re welcome, Karen!



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