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I talked about this on my other blog and thought I’d bring it up here also.

We write late at night and early in the morning. We put out a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. We put our hearts and souls into our books. We edit, rewrite, revise, and edit again. We ask for people’s critiques and then we write some more. With all of that and our everyday lives, when do we ever have time to market? But we do. We tweet, facebook, blog, and then tweet some more. We do free giveaways to get our books noticed and sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn’t. What does an indie author have to do to get noticed? How do we get readers buying our books? Are we failures? Should we give up the one thing we truly love to do? No, but maybe we can put our heads together and help each other out when it comes to marketing. Do you have any great marketing tips you’d like to share? What’s worked for you? Do you market offline as well?

My friend, John Cox aka Paul Dorset is ranting over on his blog about not having enough time to market and how to reach buyers. http://blog.pauldorset.com/2012/05/being-indie-author-makes-me-want-to.html

Read his post. I’m sure all of you can relate. I know I can!

Okay so online we have Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Google+, blogs, and Amazon. Not to mention countless more. (If you click on any of those links you are going to find me 🙂 How’s that for marketing! )

We tweet, do shout outs, and retweet. We do blog hops, awards, giveaways, guest posts, interviews, and reviews. We write short stories for collections with other authors to help charities and give people a small taste of our writing styles. Want to be a part of a short story group? Click here  Phew…I’m tired just from writing that all out!  We do this for ourselves and others and hope others do the same for us.

So is there a magical way to market? What all do you do?

How about offline? What have you tried? Here are a few ideas I’ve tried and a few I think I will try. What do you think?

I put together a couple of gift baskets with coffee, tea, chocolates, candles, and two of the short story books, and hand delivered them to my dentist office and my mail lady at Christmas.

I’ve also given copies of my books to the ladies at my credit union.

A couple of your books here and there won’t break the bank and can help get the word out. Try leaving one at your hairdressers, or doctor’s office. Give one to your favorite teller at the bank, or one to your waiter when you dine out. A few  books handed out here and there will most likely get shared with others. Make sure you have links, printed inside, to where they can find out more about you and be able to check out more of your writing.

Do you have business cards printed up? I don’t at the moment, but in the near future. Check out Vista Print for reasonably priced marketing aids. In my area many people place their business cards on the windshield of cars in parking lots.  I have found that the small magnetic business cards are great for placing on the car doors, right above or below the handle. (Haven’t done this for my books yet, but used to do this for my gift basket business)

How about bookmarks with a picture of your current novel and a excerpt printed on it? Don’t forget to have a link where they can find you! These can be handed out just like business cards. Leave a couple on the counter at the post office, the doctor’s and dentist’s offices! Find bookmarks here  These are blank and you create your own using whatever you want them to say. (Tip: To keep the cost down you don’t have to use the vinyl sleeves with them.)

Someone mentioned a magnetic sign for your car door on my other blog.

Or using tempera paint you could write your twitter name on the back window of your car. 🙂

Okay those are some ideas. What’s yours? How do you Market?


  1. The list is exhausting just to read, never mind trying to act on all this. Thanks for sharing. I have a couple of book signings lined up at indie bookstores but my main marketing tool will be talks and workshops based on my book. I have no idea how successful this will be but I’m not good at ‘marketing’ so this is perhaps an alternative that fits my marketing shy personality. We’ll see…


  2. gelakel

    I laughed through a lot of this 😀 It’s so true! But can you imagine not doing any of it? What would you do with your time? I think I’d be kind of lost 😦

    So then, have you thought about scrawling your book links across all the walls in all the bars in town? You never know 🙂

    How about flyers? Could pick a random paragraph from the book that ends with a hook and just as it’s getting juicy put … and your link? Cheeky? I better get going 😉


    • Hey you made it! Hi Angela. Hmm…Have to mull over the bar one! LOL I did flyers with my gift basket business and those would work too! And I love the idea of the juicy part, great idea. Maybe that’s what I’ll put on the bookmarks I’m making, instead of the blurb. Hope you are having a super awesome day!


  3. Some people are naturals at marketing and their books seem everywhere. I wish I had some of that skill.

    You’ve listed some great ideas. I’ve taken notes.


    • Well if I come up with any more I’ll let you know 🙂 And yes you are right some people have a natural talent when it comes to marketing. For me, I will start out great and then lose confidence and back off. I don’t like to be pushy, so there has got to be a way to market without coming off as being pushy. I’ve never been a fan of pushy salesmen. I’m more of the type that if I like it, I’ll buy it. If not, I won’t, and it doesn’t matter what they say.


  4. I’ve used Vistaprint and think they’re pretty terrific. They’ve done my business cards and several versions of rack cards. The only beef I have with them (and I wrote them about it) is they don’t sell the blasted racks to put the rack cards in!

    I’ve used them as handouts, and take them to writing conferences. I even got a local Barnes & Noble manager to let me post them in his store (for the Nook version of my books) for one signed copy in paperback!


    • Nope it didn’t post! Hi Ron. Thank you for stopping by. I wonder if you can purchase the racks from another supplier. I’ve used Vista print for the past 7 years and have never had any complaints about their quality and service. There are many retailers in my area that let you leave a few of your business cards on their counters. I used to do that when I had my gift shop. Auto repair, restaurants, and gas stations are just a few.


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