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Who do you use for P.O.D.

I have been doing some research on CreateSpace vs. Lightning Source and this is what I’ve come up with;

I’m confused! And I still have questions, as do others.

Some of my questions have been answered when it comes to how much it will cost, the different distribution channels, and  formatting, etc. I have used Createspace for two of my books and have learned one very valuable lesson when it comes to print on demand with them.

Never, and I mean never, publish in full color! I added one small picture on the interior  1- 1/2 x 2 inches that I wanted in color and it jacked the cost of my book WAY up! I couldn’t sell it for less than $48.00! Yikes!  And once you choose full color and hit publish, you can’t change the interior. It’s considered a done deal. So I had to go through the entire process again with a different ISBN to publish in black & white.

Lesson learned, but I was wondering if Lightning Source was the same way. If you have color photos inside, will it jack up the price by as much as Createspace did?

Another question that another author had asked on one of the writer’s groups on facebook was, “Do I have to be a publisher to publish with Lightning Source?” I told her no, but when you go to create an account on Lightning Source there is a box for company name.

So…My question is, “Do I have to create my own publishing company to publish on Lightning Source?”

If anyone can help, I’d love to hear your suggestions, helpful hints, and your experience with the different Print on Demand companies.

Here are 3 links to other blogs talking about Createspace vs. Lightning Source.




And here are the links to the most used sites to create e-books



And here is one that I just heard about, so you might want to check it out.



  1. I’m using CreateSpace (for the first time) for the print edition of Devil’s Nightmare and so far it’s been relatively simple and painless. I also checked out the Draft2Digital site. Looks interesting. I may have to give them a try for digital publishing.


    • Hi Rob! I used createspace too and it is quite simple. The reason I have been looking into Lightning source is because of the distribution of the print books to bookstores. Read the first blog post link


  2. Gotcha. I thought long and hard about both and decided to go with CreateSpace simply because it was less complicated (and the free set up was nice too). As time goes by I’ll probably switch to Lightning Source, but I’m just not there yet.


    • I have to agree with you, but eventually I’d like to see one of my books in a book store 🙂


  3. I don’t think you “have-to” create your own publishing house to use L.S. but it would probably help. I was considering using them but I really like CreateSpace, if you want your book in hardcover as well I recommend using CreateSpace and Lulu in combination. That works pretty well for me. You really have to look at what you’re hoping to get. CS has an option to have you in bookstores (although I think people have to want it there first).


    • Actually I did find the answer to that question when I reread the first blog link 🙂 For now I am staying with createspace, but am thinking about LS when I go to start publishing my new series, but then again, it depends on finances :-/


      • That was my issue too. Expense. Good luck with whatever you decide.


      • Thanks! 🙂


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